POTD: Breda Fucili Shotgun Barrel Production

    Today’s Photo Of The Day comes from the Italian company Breda. The photo shows a shotgun barrel in three of its production stages.

    I thought it was interesting to see how the barrel “grows” from a massive steel rod into a thin barrel which will produce perfect shotgun patterns (choke allowing). I was also surprised how long it takes to make a shotgun barrel.

    Here’s Breda’s description:

    Every barrel mounted on Breda shotguns is made starting from the special steel, that requires long supply lead times and strict controls at incoming inspection.

    Then, the working process begins and lasts about 2 months, passing by cutting and drilling procedures, internal and external mechanical works and manual finishes realized by expert gunsmiths.

    All these procedures grant to our customers a quality product with high added value, completely Made In Italy.

    You can find the homepage of Breda Fucili here: https://www.bredafucili.com/ as well as on Facebook.

    Make sure you check out the Breda B4 Semiautomatic Rifles as well. These are European AR15s, with a direct link here: https://www.bredafucili.com/families/b4/

    In this case, Breda relies on the German company Lothar Walther for their barrels.