Zero Twist: Franklin Armory Reformation RS11 Upper Receiver

    RS11 Upper Receiver

    A year and a half ago, Franklin Armory broke the gun internet – by announcing an AR15 rifle with a barrel less than 16” that does not require a National Firearms Act tax stamp. It was the equivalent of achieving absolute zero while simultaneously inventing cold fusion. The Reformation’s secret was a straight twist barrel that does not fall within the definition of a rifle. Complete rifles have been on sale for a while now, but for those who are interested in trying out the unique short, strait twist barrel, the RS11 upper receiver is available for purchase as a stand-alone product.

    Who’s in?

    Zero Twist: Franklin Armory Reformation RS11 Upper Receiver

    You asked, we listened! Franklin Armory® has created a limited run of Reformation® Upper receiver groups! This limited-edition upper receiver group will only be available for the month of July!

    The Reformation® truly redifing upper receiver group as it has the same benefits as the full Reformation® Firearm! Short Barreled, Non-NFA, No Tax Stamp, No ATF Waiting period, and able to be equipped with a shoulder stock and forward vertical grip!


    • .300 Blackout
    • 11.5” Barrel
    • 0 x 0 Twist
    • Patented Straight cut lands and grooves
    • Triumvir™ Flash hider
    • 11.5” FST™ Handguard – M-Lok compatible
    • SBN Bolt carrier group
    • Mil-spec Charging handle
    • Mil-spec upper receiver with forward assist

    *Only for installation to a Milspec AR lower with a shoulder stock installed.

    *All State and Federal Regulations Apply.

    From Nick Chen’s article on 1/23/2018:

    So what makes the Reformation sit outside of these definitions?

    . . . projectile through a rifled bore. . .

    That is the key component. The barrel is neither rifled nor smooth so the only option left is straight lands and grooves. Yes, Franklin Armory is bringing back black powder technology. This means the projectile does not spin.

    How accurate is it? You can easily hit what you are aiming at out to 50 yards. Then out to 100 yards you are getting 4-5″ groups. Could an AR pistol or SBR beat that? Of course. But this was made for two distinct reasons.

    1. CQB distances
    2. Loophole against NFA

    Please excuse the poor images, Getting the lands and grooves in the photo is very challenging. In some angles the barrel looks smooth but if you catch the light just right, you can just make out the lands and grooves,


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