TFB Sneak Peek: SIG Sauer’s NEW Micro Red Dot, the ROMEOZero

    Micro-pistol owners rejoice, as SIG is bringing a suitable option for deep carry pistols like the SIG P365 and other single stack 9mms, and even slim 1911s: Enter, the ROMEOZero.

    SIG sent a prototype copy of the ROMEOZero that I will be running to review over the new P365XL. It’s clear that slide-mounted optics are here to stay, so SIG wisely included optics cuts on the P365XL slide. However, with guns as small as the P365 series, with slides often an inch wide or thinner, options for suitable optics are lacking. Moreover, there’s limited real estate forward of the rear sights, and even if an optic is mounted in front of your rear sights, that optic will likely block your front sight picture.

    SIG offers a reasonably-priced solution to the dilemma. The ROMEOZero will be less than an inch wide – about .9″. It’s also only 1.6″ long.  I didn’t weigh it, but it can’t be more than an ounce with the battery because it uses what SIG refers to as a “Weapons Grade” polymer housing. It will feature a SpectraCoat HD lens, and offer 8 selectable brightness settings. Brilliantly, the ROMEOZero will have rear sights integrated into the back of the optic itself, thus, iron sight use is still an option if the optic goes down or is turned off. And in spite of the fact that this optic will be assembled in the USA, it will have an MSRP of $199.99.

    Importantly, the ROMEOZero will have a 20,000 hour battery life using a CR1632 battery.

    Many may be apprehensive about the polymer housing, so time will tell as to how these units hold up, but the unit I have has a good sturdiness for an optic this small and light, so I am optimistic. The specs sound promising, if not impressive for the price point. Check the pictures below featuring a comparison between the ROMEOZero and the already-really-small-but-larger Holosun HS507C. Sound off in the comments and tell us what you think.

    Tentatively speaking, this unit will ship this summer, possibly before the end of July.

    Video coming to TFBTV shortly, of course.

    Left, ROMEOZero. Right, Holosun HS507C.

    Note the integrated rear sights.

    Left, ROMEOZero. Right, Holosun HS507C.

    Left, Holosun HS507C. Right, ROMEOZero.

    Left, Holosun HS507C. Right, ROMEOZero.

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