Top TFB Picks: Best AR15 Magazines – Rifles Or Pistols

    Best AR15 Magazines

    Whether you just bought your first AR15 rifle or you’re working on building your third AR15 pistol, buying a few extra top quality magazines every so often is a great idea. As part of TFB’s Top Picks series we are bringing you a list of the best AR15 magazines currently on the market. What makes a magazine ‘the best’. To start, the best AR15 magazines will feed reliably, remain strong in all climates and conditions and has a proven track record of performance. Of course, it’s important to pick a magazine that is the same caliber as your host weapon and recent tests have shown that magazines designed of 300BLK function better than using 5.56mm magazines. So stock up – you can never have too many. Might as well buy the best AR15 magazines you can find at great prices.

    Top TFB Picks: Best AR15 Magazines – Rifles Or Pistols

    MAGPUL – AR-15 30RD PMAG GEN M3 MAGAZINE 223/5.56

    Super-Durable & Ultra-Dependable PMAG Refined & Battle-Hardened By Combat Experience

    The MAGPUL PMAG GEN M3 polymer magazine continues to revolutionize magazine technology for the AR-15 / M4 platforms. The third-generation PMAG further expands the strength, reliability, and versatility of the original PMAG.

    The MAGPUL PMAG GEN M3 is molded from a polymer formula that delivers distinctly greater resistance to crushing and all forms of impact, with extra reinforcement in the mag catch and feed lip areas.

    • Long-life USGI-spec stainless steel spring
    • Four-way anti-tilt follower and constant-curve internal geometry for reliable feeding
    • Tool-less disassembly for easy cleaning
    • Pop-off dust cover helps minimize debris intrusion
    • Removable floorplate is both stronger and slimmer
    • Fully compatible with the HK® 416 and MR556A1, M27 IAR, British SA-80, and FN® SCAR™ MK 16/16S.

    The MAGPUL PMAG GEN M3 features pen dot matrix on each side providing consistent ID marking that resists handling wear. PMAG 30 is available with plain, solid sides.


    Life’s Too Short to Rely on Cheap AR Mags

    Even if you have the world’s best, battle-ready, quality-built AR-15, all it’s good for is firing a single shot if you don’t have a quality magazine that’ll feed reliably. The Brownells 5.56mm AR-15 Magazine is built right to ensure trouble-free feeding in any of your go-to rifles.

    Life’s too short and precious to rely on cheap AR mags that may or may not work when needed. The team at Brownells wanted to offer magazines to consumers that would withstand the beating of battle, if necessary, so they designed, built and tested a high-quality 5.56mm AR-15 magazine that they could trust with their lives.

    • Built with welded-aluminum body
    • Offered in gray and desert-tan finishes
    • 30-round capacity
    • Includes Magpul anti-tilt follower

    Each Brownells 5.56mm AR-15 magazine is built to military specifications and are held to ISO quality-control standards and are made by Brownells itself. Each magazine features a stainless-steel spring and is treated with a hard-anodized finish to protect against corrosion.



    Well-Built Magazines for Your .300 BLK

    The Lancer Systems L5AWM 300BLK Magazine is the next step for the company’s line of high-quality, dependable magazines, having been made for one of the most popular calibers for the AR-15 platform.

    The Lancer Systems L5AWM 300BLK Magazine is based on the company’s original design, which features a combination of steel and polymer, and tailors it for the dimensions of the .300 BLK cartridge, ensuring reliable, trouble-free feeding. The magazine features a specially built non-tilting follower that has a geometry purpose-built for the cartridge.

    • Translucent smoke finish
    • 30-round capacity
    • Features feed lips made from hardened steel
    • Provides aggressive texturing for enhanced grip

    The Lancer Systems L5AWM 300BLK Magazine are designed to resist corrosion and chemicals, having passed all military-grade testing for high-performance use.

    SUREFIRE – AR-15 60RD MAGAZINE 223/5.56

    More Firepower & Fewer Mag Changes

    Ultra-high capacity magazines keep your rifle running longer between mag changes during competition or tactical operations. These magazines meet NATO STANAG 4179 specifications and are compatible with all rifles that accept AR-15/M16/M4 magazines. Less than two standard magazines wide, so they’re easy to hold and handle with one hand. 60-round model fits most dual-mag pouches for 30-round magazines. Weight is centered under the weapon to help you maintain a normal shooting grip and stance. Seats fully loaded on a closed bolt. “Nesting” nylon followers require no lubrication and fully support the round stack to aid in reliable feeding. Cadmium coating on springs reduces friction and resists corrosion.

    MAGPUL – AR-15 60RD PMAG D-60 223/5.56

    The PMAG D-60 is a durable, lightweight, highly reliable 60-round 5.56×45 NATO/.223 Remington polymer magazine for AR-15/M4 compatible weapons. With a larger capacity than previous PMAGs, the PMAG D-60 gives the shooter 60 rounds of ammunition, effectively allowing the same round count as two standard capacity 30-round magazines without requiring a critical reload. The unique drum configuration keeps the height of the magazine manageable as well, allowing prone firing and easier storage. Features a paint pen dot matrix for easy marking and the MagLevel system for instant capacity indication. Compatible with a wide range of NATO firearms such as the M4, M16, SCAR MK16/16S, HK416, MR556, M27 IAR, and others.

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