Advanced Target Technologies Simunition/UTM Lumatic Target  Plates

    Lumatic Target

    Advanced Target Technologies has just released a Simunition/UTM version of their Lumatic Target Plates. The system is designed for target designation and hit notification with sensors that display information via self healing LED lights. The Sim/UTM Lumatic Targets complement ATT’s current system for live fire training available here. Details, links and information can be found below.

    Advanced Target Technologies Introduces New Lumatic Simunition/UTM Target Plate

    (Los Angeles, CA – July 1, 19) Advanced Target Technologies (ATT), maker of the live-fire Lumatic target, is excited to debut its latest variant of the Lumatic Target, configured for simunition and UTM. ATT developed the Lumatic target variant in response to the training needs of the USAF Security Forces.

    The Lumatic target is known for its ability to produce numerous colored threats through it’s patent pending self-healing illumination system, create immersive game-like experiences for commercial enterprises, and generateadvanced tactical training scenarios for LE/MIL groups.

    The Lumatic target simunition option features a 1/8 inch steel plate rather than the traditional 3/8 inch steel plate used for live-fire. It includes multiple geometries from 8” squares to full size silhouettes – similar to the standard Lumatic target. The simunition plate can be purchased as a conversion kit for an existing live-fire Lumatic targetsystem. The target mounts to ATT’s bracket hardware and functions in exactly the same way as a traditional Lumatictarget mounts making it simple to convert the electronics from one to the other.

    Development completed of the Lumatic Sim/UTM plate in May 2019 and installation in USAF’s Security Forces began in June 2019. The Lumatic Simunition conversion kit answer’s USAF’s needs for multiple training options and configurations. USAF  Security Forces trains not only in live-fire, but also with simuntion and UTM for force-on-force training.

    Visit to see the latest developments on the Gen 2 Lumatic Target and the various configuration options.

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