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    Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) is known for producing high-quality gear for the precision rifle shooter. Their ACC chassis system, that is now available in the CZ455 inletting, is respected by precision shooters for being both feature-rich and relatively affordable as competition gear goes. MDT has just announced a small, but functional product that adds two rounds to AICS Magazines.

    The extension for the AICS magazines comes with all the hardware required for a simple installation. Shooters running 10 round mags will need to buy longer springs found on MDT’s site. The AICS magazine extensions retail for under $15. Full details can be found below.


    Modular Driven Technologies is excited to announce the addition of the +2 Magazine Extension. The +2 Magazine Extension is an economical way to add an extra two-round capacity on any metal AICS pattern magazine.

    Adding capacity to AICS metal magazines gives the shooter an advantage in high round count competitions and lessens time reloading during range sessions. Made from high-strength polymer, the MDT mag extension is lightweight and durable.

    Installation of the MDT mag extension takes only minutes and can be quickly disassembled for routine magazine maintenance.


    Tested and compatible with MDT, AICS and Accurate-Mag AICS pattern 3.050 length metal magazines.


    When used with MDT 10-round metal magazines, a longer spring/follower combination must be used (available separately on the MDT website), as the existing spring is not long enough to provide sufficient force on the follower when the extender is installed.


    Ships with 4 screws, used to secure extender to your existing magazine

    The MDT Magazine Extension has an MSRP of $14.99

    Published on Jun 28, 2019 – Modular Driven Technologies- MDT

    For AICS Metal Short Action Magazines. Add capacity to your AICS metal short action magazines and gain an advantage in high round count competitions. 

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