ISDEF 2019: ReCover Tactical’s Hi-Power Polymer Grip Now Shipping

    Israeli start-up ReCover Tactical was displaying some of their new Glock 43 components on a massive, scaled up handgun which drew the attention of almost every passerby. But the best announcement from the company is the confirmation that their Hi-Power grips are finally available for order in the United States at a price point of $49.99 on their website. These were initially premiered at SHOT 2019 but due to unforeseen manufacturing issues, the grips couldn’t ship until this summer. The primary market for the grips is going to be civilian Browning or FN Herstal Hi-Powers in the United States where owners want to put polymer grips and a rail on their handguns. Another possible market for the grips could be international LE groups or even militaries that still use Hi-Powers and might not have the funds to completely replace their handguns with new ones. Hint, Hint Canada…

    Pictured is Recover Tactical’s grip on a 1911 handgun at the booth – Miles V

    Black Finish, Recover Tactical website

    Olive Drab Finish, Recover Tactical website

    Phantom Gray Finish, Recover Tactical website

    Tan Finish, Recover Tactical website

    The Glock 43 Upgrade Pack was being shown off on a giant scale model that was sitting at their booth. Currently, it is on sale for $49.99 (down from $59.99) on the company’s website. The pack consists of a Picatinny rail adaptor, charging handle, and magazine clip baseplate. The rail adaptor allows users to install a small light or laser on their Glock 43 which otherwise doesn’t have an integrated one. A charging handle is provided for those that have a harder time grasping the Glock 43’s slide. The magazine base plate is probably the most widely applicable of all these items because it has an integrated clip that simply slides into the empty space behind the pistol grip when it is inserted into the handgun, but when off the handgun it can be used to clip the magazine into a pocket or pouch.

    -Miles V

    -Miles V

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