ISDEF 2019: Aleppo Systems Feeding Box


    Backpack feed systems are nothing new to light machine gun design, these examples dating to the early days of the AR10 and AR15, in addition to modern Russian concepts, and even a Libyan take on the idea.

    The Prime ManPack/ Machine Gun Backpack from Aleppo Systems is a current Israeli take on the concept. Earlier in the companies history it appears there were some patent design issues, but the current version appears to be a vastly different system, mostly using polymer components for the feed chute. It is also designed to have the entire ammunition box reloaded by an assistant gunner while being worn. The company also envisions the box being strapped in a vehicle where reloading multiple boxes would be more practical.

    This is a promotional video of the system in action:

    Aleppo System representatives said that the backpack was currently being tested by IDF units in addition to showing videos of the systems in IDF hands in the field trials.

    The feed chute shown strapped to a front vest while not in use (Miles)

    These are the ammunition box ends of the feed chute that clip into the box itself (Miles)

    The bottom of the ammunition box with drainage ports. Note that the box itself uses a nylon material (Miles)

    One of the variants has a nylon cover that Velcros on top (Miles)

    The same cover from the previous picture but with directional pictographs on the top portion (Miles)

    Internals of the box, the triangular shape of the bottom helps in preventing the belt from becoming tangled at the bottom (Miles)

    Front portion of the feeding chute, this part is designed to fit into a 5.56x56mm Negev LMG, note the STANAG-shaped magazine fitting (Miles)

    A shot from the rear demonstrating how the feed chute coils to the front (Miles)

    Polymer feed chute (Miles)


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