Colt Canada’s Eagle Launcher

    Joe Gajcevic of Rampart posted some pictures of something cool in Canada. The Colt Canada Eagle is a 40mm launcher. Why does Colt Canada have cooler stuff than Colt USA? It features an ambidextrous barrel so it can swing both ways. Along with ambi-controls.

    Here is the blurb from Colt Canada’s website.

    Colt Canada EAGLE is a single shot, side-loading, direct fire grenade launcher that incorporates a double-action trigger and features an ambidextrous barrel and controls. The double-action trigger allows the operator to safely re-strike a misfired cartridge without having to open the breech to re-cock the firing mechanism. The Mark III design has evolved, through extended technical firing and operator testing, into a launcher of reduced overall weight and size, with safety functions similar to those of the host weapons. The launcher can be quickly mounted on any weapon (C8/M4, C7/M16 series) that provides a bottom MIL-STD mounting rail with recoil lug. Or, for maximum operational flexibility, it may be equipped with a stand-alone buttstock. Once mounted the launcher is secured to the rail by two captive, lateral pins. The EAGLE side-loading launcher is uniquely ambidextrous (patent pending). The operator can readily reconfigure the side-opening feed, sight mounting and sling attachment to either the left or right side, without any special tools. The EAGLE is able to fire all 40x46mm Low Velocity ammunition. It is equipped with an ejector that will partially eject spent cartridges when the breech is opened. The barrel is also provided with a relief on each side that will allow manual extraction. The EAGLE is designed to allow the operator full operational capability from prone, kneeling, sitting, and standing positions, whether in the stand-alone mode or mounted to the MIL-STD rail of an individual weapon. This design is compatible with all environmental and NBC equipment.

    Here’s the Specs:

    Calibre: 40 x 46mm Low Velocity
    Ammunition: Feed Single feed, side opening (ambidextrous configurable)
    Type of Fire: Single shot with double action trigger
    Sighting Device: Direct fire iron sights / Tilt-up ladder 100 – 400m (50m)
    Alternate Sighting Device: Electro-optical systems compatible with MIL STD 1913 rail
    Sighting Radius: 115mm (dependent on selected sight)
    Weight Base Unit: 1.25kg
    Weight Butt-stock w/sling: 0.70kg
    Detachable Ladder Sight: 0.19kg
    Total Combined Weight: 2.14kg (basic configuration) and 219mm (Standard)
    Barrel Length: 254 mm (Optional) *Other lengths available
    Length EAGLE Base Unit: 305mm
    Length (w/Buttstock extended): 604mm
    Length (w/Buttstock retracted): 520mm
    Width: 74mm
    Height (w/buttstock): 190mm
    Height (wo/buttstock): 169mm
    Accessories: – Detachable forward hand grip (folding or rigid), Stand-Alone Adapter,

    Various coloured furniture as well as Yellow for NON Lethal
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