POTD: Cooling Down a Glock in the Stream

    The Picture Of Today is a Glock 17 taking a refreshing swim, to keep it cool.

    Haven’t we all been there? Shooting a firearm so hot you get burn marks if you touch it? Still we want to keep on shooting.

    The pistol is a Glock 17, Generation 4. It has the Aimpoint ACRO (not sure if the P1 or the C1 model) as well as a Surefire X300 weapon light mounted.

    For an Aimpoint to take a swim is a bit unusual, but if you read the specifications it should be up for it.

    ‘The pistol was shot until it was too hot, so I gave it a swim in a nearby stream.

    I have full confidence that the pistol and the Aimpont sight survives this treatment

    The slide is stock and the barrel is brand new, hence the color differences

    The photo is taken by Mr. J├Ârgen Andersson, used with permission. Thank you!

    To be honest, I think my Glock is the only firearm I have that I would dare to submerge like this. What about you?

    Which firearms of yours would you dare to submerge (note: not talking about any boating accidents here)?