Viper Thread Protectors for Hi-Point 1095TS carbines

Eric B
by Eric B

LongShot Mfg of Andover, New Jersey, specialize in the design and manufacturing of lightweight aluminum and alloy components that directly replace many of the original plastic components that often come as standard on firearms.

They now have “Viper styled” thread protectors for the Hi-Point 1095TS carbines. Of course, the product will also fit other firearms with the same .578″-28 (37/64-28) thread size.

The thread protectors are “…purposefully made not to be sharp to the touch, but pointed and sharp enough to cause considerable damage when necessary.”

Here’s LongShot’s product announcement:

LongShot Mfg has just released their new line of aggressively designed VIPER Thread Protectors. Purposefully made for defensive up-close encounters or to be used as a body prod in a last resort scenario.

Also perfect for use as a more humane means of keeping animals and/or aggressors at bay. Will also work well as a glass breaker.

The VIPER thread protectors are CNC machined from solid bar stock and are available in choice of Solid Brass, Anodized Aluminum and Grade 303 Stainless Steel.

Currently produced for ½-28 threads and .578-28 threads, with additional firearm specific thread sizes added on a continuous basis.

All LongShot products are designed and produced 100% in the USA in their own facility in New Jersey. The company stands behind their products by offering lifetime replacement warranty on everything they make.

You can find a direct link to the “Viper” Barrel Thread Protector for Hi-Point 1095TS here.

By the looks of it, the quality of the machining and surface finishing looks to be good. The price is $18.95 and they are available in black anodized Aluminum or machined from solid brass. If I had a Hi-Point, and I had to chose one I would definitely go for the black anodized.

If you are interested in more information please check the LongShot Mfg LLC websites at or

What do you think of the product? Is it something you would consider?
Eric B
Eric B

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