ISDEF 2019: Orsis K15 .308 Win ‘Bro’, Hints of Finish Options

    Orsis was at ISDEF 2019 with the relatively new to U.S. readers .308 Win ‘Bro’ semiautomatic precision rifle. Known more for their T-5000 manually repeating rifles in use throughout the world, the K15 is the company’s entry into the semiautomatic field. As of yet, we don’t know of any large scale Military or Law Enforcement orders for the K15 and company representatives didn’t mention any upcoming ones at ISDEF 2019 either. Since our earlier post on the rifle, we’ve noticed some minor differences to this most recent version, most that appear to be cosmetic or accessory-based in nature. First and foremost, the safety pictograms have been redesigned and moved about an inch up on the receiver. The selector is of a different design than earlier as well. Looking at the stock, we now see that the display rifle has a FAB Defense GL-CORE CP AR-15 telescoping and cheek rest configurable stock, mounted on a Russian Hartman AR15 buffer tube.

    Hartman is an accessory and parts manufacturer in Russia that makes a number of components for the AR15 and related platforms – Miles V

    -Miles V

    -Miles V

    Magazine release is on the right side of the lower receiver and is not ambidextrous – Miles V

    Pictured in the catalog were the following Cerakote options from the factory – Miles V

    The stock is adjustable for length of pull, cheek rest height and has a QD mount for sling attachment – Miles V

    On the previous version of the rifle, the gas tube had a black finish but this one appears to be more of nitrite color. The choice of Harris rail adaptor has also changed – Miles V

    Previously seen on the K15 were the pictograms on the lower receiver instead of the upper receiver – Miles V

    Where will we see the Orsis K15 turn up throughout the world? Probably similar locations where the T-5000 is, Iraqi armed forces for example, due to previous sales connections.


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