Featured Deals of the Week – 6/28/19


    And now back to your regularly scheduled programming. I’m your host, Benjamin F, and these are the Featured Deals of the Week. I have read your comments, and I know that a lot of people are upset that deals end up sold out after only being on here for a brief period of time. I have begun reaching out to vendors after I find their deals, to try and make sure there’s sufficient inventory available. However, these articles are prepared a day before they go live, and online retailers move inventory very quickly.

    Mossberg 88 Maverick 12-gauge – $159.99

    Image Provided by Mr. Gun Dealer

    What the deal is:

    Everyone has heard of the Mossberg 500 and the Remington 870. This is not one of those. It is, however, a solid entry or beginner’s level shotgun. This particular model is in FDE not the standard black, but also has a 7+1 capacity as opposed to the standard 5+1. Otherwise, it’s a totally standard pump-action 12-gauge shotgun with a 20″ barrel.

    Why it’s a good deal:

    For the same price here you can get the same shotgun in black with 5+1. That’s two shells extra capacity, no extra cost. In addition, street price on the Maverick 88 runs around $200, plus or minus a bit. At $160 and free shipping, this is a pretty good deal.

    Walther PPq M2 Subcompact 9mm – $389.99

    Image Provided by Smoky Mountain Guns & Ammo

    What the deal is:

    This is Walther’s entry in the subcompact striker-fired polymer handgun market, and it’s a doozy of an entry too. Their marketing claims they have the best stock trigger of any striker-fired polymer handgun, and there’s a surprising number of people I saw who reviewed this gun online who agreed.

    Why it’s a good deal:

    Not too long ago this handgun was selling for $600. Nowadays, of course, with the market being what it is, they can generally be found for between $450 and $500, with dips down to $400 that I’ve seen. Further, if any readers are Qualified Professionals according to Buds Gun Shop, you can get this with the LE package (third magazine, night sights) for just $20 more.

    S&W Model 10 5″ .38 Spl good/fair condition – $274.99

    Image Provided by Kings Firearms Online

    What the deal is:

    Ah, the police trade-in. Always a gamble, but with the chance of getting a truly sweet deal on a good gun. All of these are good/fair condition, meaning they have strong rifling, smooth actions, and tight cylinder lock. The grips likely will be worn, and the finish may not be 100%. Additionally, the vendor has inspected and function-checked all of the guns, which should mean no lemons.

    Why it’s a good deal:

    With used guns, obviously, prices can vary dramatically. That said, for what you’re getting, this is a pretty solid price. Used, good condition, under $300 for a very fun ranch gun or range toy? Not a bad deal.

    Kel-Tec PMR-30 .22WMR – $349.99

    Image Provided by Prepper Gun Shop

    What the deal is:

    So there’s a lot of people that like to rip on Kel-Tec, some for good reason. But this is a pretty cool handgun, and if I didn’t live in Massachusetts I’d be seriously considering buying it. Thirty rounds of .22 WMR is a lot of holes in tin cans and paper targets, and a lot of fun to blast away with in your backyard.

    Why it’s a good deal:

    Street price on these tends to run about $400, so for $350, you’re getting a pretty solid discount. Prepper Gun Shop is also known for their deals, so if you don’t like this particular offering poke around their sales section, you might find something you like.

    Benjamin is a recent graduate living in Virginia with a master’s degree in Criminology. He was introduced to firearms at summer camp when he was thirteen. Ever since his first shot with a .22LR bolt-action he has been in love with shooting sports. He is a moderator on the TFB Discord, which can be found at https://discord.gg/bcVD9zw, and can occasionally be found on twitter @BFriedmanUSA.