TFB Review: SIG Sauer P365 18 Months Later

    When I first picked up my P365 in January of 2018, I was one of the lucky few to actually find one. I drove down in one of the worst snowstorms I’ve ever seen, but I was determined to pick up this elusive gun right after returning from the SHOT Show. Right after filling out the paperwork, I jumped in my truck and drove through a foot of snow to shoot the gun. Fast forward 18 months, and not much has changed for me with this gun.

    There have been some bad reviews of the SIG P365, and some have said it’s flat out flawed. Luckily, my gun hasn’t been the case. My P365 has been thrown in the sand, beat up, and abused for a while now, and it has literally fed everything I put into it. It’s been impressive and with the summertime months being in the upper 90’s every day, I’m thankful I have a compact powerhouse to carry.


    So far, I have roughly 1800 rounds through the gun. It hasn’t jammed or malfunctioned. I have been carrying it with an ANR Design LLC IWB Claw holster and a NeoMag with a 12 round magazine I picked up from The Mag Shack. Personally, when it’s hot outside, the last thing I want is something rubbing my side as I sweat myself to death, and my P226 becomes a drag when I carry on hot days.

    This gun is great for when you are going to make quick trips to the gas station and need something quick to throw on. I used to carry a Kahr PM9 for the longest time. The double action trigger was tough to retrain myself every time I shot it at the range. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the PM9 for its size and weight, but the P365 is almost the same size with double the capacity.

    I really enjoy the trigger on the P365 because it has a short, clean break with a defined wall. I still have the old style Siglite night sights on my 365, so I plan on switching out to the X-Ray night sights that currently ship with the handgun. The only downside to the gun is the amount of dirt and debris the polymer frames collect overtime. Honestly, though, this is more of a personal annoyance than a problem with the gun.

    Range Days

    The front serrations are useful for press checks at the range or before you leave the house so I appreciate them on my handguns. When shooting the gun I was surprised by the recoil impulse because it’s more straight back than snappy. With such a lightweight gun, I was expecting it to be very snappy and uncomfortable to shoot but over the last six months, I’ve really enjoyed shooting the gun despite its size. Because of this straight back recoil, the gun is easy to shoot and isn’t a handful with the right grip.

    Shooting the gun is more enjoyable than other equivalently sized guns or even some subcompacts on the market. One of my favorite things about the P365 is the ease of use and how easy it is to pick up and shoot. Some handguns tend to be intimidating for new shooters to pick up and learn. The P365 is different because it is easy to use and people generally feel more comfortable with the SIG over a Springfield XD-S or even a Smith & Wesson Shield. The gun doesn’t have an overwhelming number of features or tricks, at the end of the day it’s just an easy gun to shoot.

    I know people have reported issues with some of their guns. The good news though is it sounds like those numbers have been declining with SIG fixing issues with certain components. I give them credit for actively trying to improve and design when they have an issue. The striker design is different from the 320 and I honestly wish they would put it into their 320’s. It would lower the bore axis and would be a flatter shooter. Which I think would appeal to more people in the gun community. I don’t mind the P320s personally, I love my X-Five and run it at the range very often. I think with a generational design change they could lower the bore axis.

    Overall Impressions

    Overall, I am really happy with my P365 and how it has performed the last 6 months. I know this is a sample of 1, so I can’t speak for everyone’s gun. My gun has been a great example of what the P365 can be. I’m really happy with my carry setup right now. I will keep you guys updated on my experiences with the P365. I do plan on writing an update article around the 2-year mark. If something happens before that, you guys will know for sure. Let me know what you guys have thought about the P365. If you have any questions please reach out to me on my Instagram page @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there.

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