POTD: AK With Side Folding Wooden Stock

    AK With Side Folding Wooden Stock (main)

    Wooden stocks on AKs are nothing new, neither are side folding stocks. However, the combination of both is something that simply doesn’t exist (not counting the custom made ones). Well, didn’t exist: Kalashnikov Concern has released a limited edition commemorative TG2 rifle with a side folding wooden stock.

    AK With Side Folding Wooden Stock (4)

    AK With Side Folding Wooden Stock (3)

    TG2 is an AK-103 pattern rifle chambered in .366 TKM. The rifle is made in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the adoption of AK-47. The stock, handguard and gas tube cover are made of walnut. All other features are similar to standard TG2 rifles including the half rifled bore for the .366 TKM cartridge.

    AK With Side Folding Wooden Stock (2)

    As in the case of the polymer stock, the cavity in the side folding wooden stock is made to clear the scope mounting rail on the receiver.


    The price of this rifle in Russia is 89,910 roubles which is roughly equal to $1,425. That is quite a high price considering that the MSRP for a standard TG2 (with polymer furniture) is 38,090 roubles ($605).

    Images from www.kalashnikovgroup.ru, www.kalashnikov.media