Russian UDAV Pistol News – Field Testing, Model Designation (O1), Civilian Version, Advanced Polymer

    Russian UDAV Pistol News - Field Testing, Model Designation (O1), Civilian Version, Advanced Polymer (1)

    Russian RIA Novosti news agency reports that Albert Bakov, the CEO of TsNII TochMash, informed them that the first batch of new Udav pistols is delivered to the Russian military for field testing. Normally, large-scale field testing is the final stage before adoption. Often times it results in slight design changes followed by the start of full-scale production and adoption of small arms and equipment. Earlier, it was reported that the pistol successfully passed endurance testing and was recommended for adoption. The RIA Novosti article also notes that the pistol received a model designation O1.

    TsNII TochMash is the company that produces the Udav pistol which is supposed to replace the old and outdated Makarov pistol. The Udav is a much more capable design – it is a full-size polymer framed pistol with a double stack magazine, accessory rail, 9x19mm or 9x21mm caliber options and many other advantages over the Makarov pistol. According to RIA Novosti, there are also two new 9x21mm loads (subsonic and AP) specially developed for this pistol. Bakov also announced that there will be a civilian version of the Udav pistol for competition shooters that will hit the local market by the end of the current year. To learn more about the Udav pistol, read our previous news articles by clicking here, here and here.

    Russian UDAV Pistol News - Field Testing, Model Designation (O1), Civilian Version, Advanced Polymer (2)
    While doing research for writing this article, I visited the TsNII TochMash website and came across more information related to the Udav pistol. According to the manufacturer, in cooperation with a company called NPP “Polyplastic” (НПП «Полипластик»), they have developed a technology of manufacturing a new high strength polymer material that is 15-20% stronger than the polymers currently used in handguns. The advanced polymer is called Aramid PA SV 40-1MUP (Армамид ПА СВ 40-1МУП).

    We’ll keep following the developments around this new pistol and reporting the news to our readers. Stay tuned!


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