Unique B&T APC40 Pops Up At Tar Heel State Firearms


    I’ll clarify right off the bat: Tar Heel State Firearms (THSF) actually has five of the unique B&T APC40 pistol caliber carbines, but three of them were already spoken for at the time of this writing. I spoke with Scott at THSF earlier this week, hoping that the batch included an APC40SD model (don’t judge, I have my reasons). For the collectors out there, the number of 40S&W in existence has to be low. So if are interested, you might want to give Scott a call. Otherwise, check out the rest of the B&T Guns they currently have available by following the link below.

    Why the APC40? Why not? In all seriousness, these limited run guns are rumored to be part of a contract overrun for a law enforcement agency. If you have evolved past .45ACP but have yet to fully embrace the king of pistol calibers – 9mm – then the APC40 is the gun for you.

    Unique B&T APC40 Pops Up At Tar Heel State Firearms

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    They got a few more in. Order here: https://tarheelstatefirearms.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=17_122&product_id=500


    (Adapted Specifications may not be completely correct. Contact THSF for details)

    B&T APC9 Semi-automatic Pistol cal. 40S&W

    Model: BT-APC40
    Mfr: B&T Brugger & Thomet

    The B&T APC40 semi-automatic pistol is the commercial variant of the highly acclaimed ACP submachinegun which is in use by elite military and law enforcement units around the globe. Made in Switzerland using state of the art materials and manufacturing methods, the APC40 semi-automatic pistol is a masterpiece of Swiss precision. B&T AG is a global industry leader in military and law enforcement weapon systems and accessories.


    • System: Closed bolt blow back
    • Operation: Semi-automatic
    • Caliber: 40S&W
    • Barrel length: Cold Hammer Forged 175 mm (6.88″)
    • Barrel twist: ?
    • Muzzle feature: H&K 3-Lug
    • Sights: Integral flush-profile flip-up (front/rear)
    • Charging handle: Right/Left interchangeable
    • Handling: Ambidextrous safety selector, magazine release and bolt hold open
    • Pistol grip feature: Integral storage (non-watertight)
    • Buttcap feature: Dual-feature B&T folding stock adapter/AR buffer tube adapter with QD swivel sling loop

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