POTD: Bullet Stacking in a Heckler & Koch USC Carbine

    Today’s Photo Of The Day comes from the Heckler & Koch Instagram account as a reminder to all gun owners to be really careful when shooting.

    I count 13 bullets in that poor barrel. Am I correct or do you count less or more bullets?

    On the other hand, there could be more as the barrel seems to be cut off, in the middle of a bullet.

    Here’s the caption. I am happy that companies like H&K and others continue to share these stories:


    Today is definitely a Monday at the HK warranty department.

    Customer: “Something is wrong with my USC.”

    Us: “Okay, send it in, can’t be too bad.”

    Calls customer: “We aren’t going to ask how you did this, just be thankful we use proprietary cannon grade steel, also, we are sending you a bill for a new barrel.”

    A link to the Heckler & Koch USC (Universal Self-Loading Carbine) for reference: https://hk-usa.com/hk-models/usc/


    Here’s another example of 13 bullets – of 300 Blackout – in a barrel: Lucky Thirteen – Stacking 300Blk Front To Back.

    Followed by a few others:  Stack ‘Em Up: Catastrophic KRISS Kaboom (For The Second Time) and Hunting rifle goes Ka-Boom after 50 000+ rounds (not a squib).

    However I think the record – so far, as people seem to keep stacking bullets in barrels – is 22 squibs in this JP Rifles PCC.

    Photo Source: Heckler & Koch Instagram.


    I’ve been lucky enough to never have a squib, but once I had a .223 Rem bullet that got stuck in the chamber. How about you? Please confess below, we’ll keep it a secret.