POTD: B&T Suppressed and Kitted Glock 17

    Today’s Photo Of The Day shows some fine products Made In Europe.

    We have a Glock 17, in generation 4, the Aimpoint ACRO and a B&T Impuls-IIA suppressor.

    The weapon light is a Streamlight TLR-1s.

    I think the combination is a great example what a moderns handgun can look like, which is quite a development looking back a decade or so.

    Having used Surefire as a “house light” for years, I was very surprised and happy with the Streamlight ProTac HL-X I bought. It serves as a reminder for me that one should sometimes try other brands to see what’s on the other side. Sometimes the grass is as green or greener on the other side, sometimes not.

    You can find Streamlight’s Weapon Mounted Lights here.

    The picture is taken by Vogt Waffen in Switzerland.

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