FN Herstal to Produce Machine Guns for the Netherlands

    The Dutch Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) ensures that military personnel have modern, robust and safe materiel to work with.

    According to Jane’s and other sources they have signed a framwork agreement with FN Herstal of Belgium to supply the following firearms:

    Browning M2HB QCB (Quick Change Barrel) .50 BMG.

    FN MAG in 7,62 NATO General Purpose Machine Gun

    FN MINIMI in 5,56 NATO

    FN Herstal’s description of the Quick Change Barrel (QCB) version of the Browning M2HB .50 cal.

    The FN QCB configuration retains the reliability and effectiveness that have won the M2HB an undisputed reputation as the finest heavy machine gun ever made. The FN® M2HB-QCB makes the barrel change procedure faster, easier, and safe.

    and the FN MAG:

    FN Herstal is the original designer and manufacturer of the FN MAG® general purpose machine gun. The FN MAG® has been adopted on all continents. This machine gun is the unbeatable worldwide reference in its category in terms of accuracy and reliability.  It fires from mountings (on vehicles, aircraft, ships and boats, or on tripods) but is also used by troops on the ground.

    and the FN Minimi

    The world famous FN MINIMI® 5.56 Light Machine Guns Mk1 and Mk2 have been adopted by 70 countries worldwide as a standard issue for regular and special forces. The FN MINIMI® 5.56 Mk3 Light Machine Gun has recently been designed and developed for improved ergonomics and handling.

    Below: Quick Change Barrel (QCB) M2HB.

    The DMO is involved in the procurement and maintenance of the materiel, which will be supplied over the next 15 years.

    FN Herstal are to supply the Dutch Army with with weapons as well as spare parts and other components, but there are no details with regards to cost or volumes yet.

    Eric B

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