POTD: Ready for the Offensive

    Today’s Photo Of The Day takes us to Europe and Bulgaria, where the exercise Strike Back 19 has been ongoing.

    Novo Selo is the major Bulgarian military training facility established in the early 1960s, and where the US Army invested to develop the infrastructure just over 10 years ago. For more information check the Bulgarian–American Joint Military Facilities.

    The main picture above:

    Bulgarian Land Forces Soldiers prepare to counter-attack a simulated opposing force in an urban environment on June 10, 2019 at Novo Selo Training Area, Bulgaria, during STRIKE BACK 19.

    The troops implemented smoke grenades and blank ammunition to simulate strategically clearing a village of enemy combatants.

    STRIKE BACK 19 is a multinational exercise hosted by the Bulgarian Armed Forces at Novo Selo Training Area, Bulgaria, from June 6-20, 2019.


    Clearing Novo Selo

    Bulgarian Land Forces Sgt. 2nd Class Boris Pashev of the 42nd Battalion and Corp. Jordan Karadzhov of the 31st Battalion demonstrate room clearing techniques June 10, 2019, on Novo Selo Training Area, Bulgaria, during STRIKE BACK 2019.

    STRIKE BACK 19 is designed to increase capabilities and interoperability with Bulgarian, Albanian, Greek, North Macedonian and U.S. Troops.

    Both photos by Spc. Samantha Hall.