POTD: Steyr Arms SSG M1 in .338 Lapua Magnum

    We got to Austria for Today’s Photo Of The Day, to have a look at some new firearms and systems that have been introduced.

    In the Spring of 2018, TFB reported about the new modular Steyr Mannlicher SSG M1.

    Recently, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Office for Armaments and Defense Technology, a technology demonstration took place at the Felixdorf shooting range. 

    The Austrian Bundesheer ordered 120 medium range sniper rifles in a deal worth around EUR 1.6 million (USD 1.8 million), and the Austrian Jagdkommando have now received their first.

    It looks like the SSG M1 has a muzzle device from Finland’s Ase Utra, to attach a sound suppressor like the S Series SL7i. The rifle scope is the excellent Kahles K624i 6-24×56, and the bipod is from US B&T.

    For more details on the Steyr SSG M1 please check Steyr’s homepage here.


    Below: Soldiers from the Jagdkommando with a sniper rifle in caliber 12,7mm.(.50 BMG), Steyr HS, and a Steyr AUG. The helicopter is an AB212.

    Below: The Universal band-wagon from Hägglund with a stabilized weapon system.

    All pictures by Foot.