Pedal to the Metal! The Noreen Firearms’ Gas Pedal Carry Gun Mod

    gas pedal

    For shooters who like to utilize the “thumbs pointed forward” handgun grip style, Noreen Firearms is manufacturing a Gas Pedal modification for certain handguns to help steady your grip. Noreen Firearms is the company manufacturing oversized and textured takedown levers of select handguns called a “Gas Pedal.” This simple modification is designed by Grip Holdings, LLC with help from ECM Guns. To add another piece of slight confusion the product is sold on the Go Gun USA website.

    The Gas Pedal idea is not necessarily a new one, but it was typically relegated to only high-end race guns and not an easy mod shooters could apply themselves. All of that has changed since Go Gun USA is selling Gas Pedals for rifles, race pistols, and most recently carry guns.

    • Now Easy Self Defense for Everyone
    • Makes Repeatable, Reliable, Accurate, High Power Shots much Easier
    • OPP Wing™ for OPP Grip for Carry Guns
    • Controls Recoil even for those w/o Big or Strong Hands; Ultimate Gender Equality
    • Helps Eliminates Windage Error AKA Trigger Jerk
    • Over 1,000 in Field w/ Rave Reviews from Shooters & not a Single Failure
    gas pedal

    Gas Pedal CG (Carry Gun) version for a SIG Sauer P320

    • Fits many Holsters & Virtually all w/ Minor Mod; No Gunsmithing, Drop-In, Easy DIY Part
    • Concept-Proven in Racing having dominated National & World Championships
    • Minimal Addition of Width; No Snag Design; Contoured to Ergonomically Position Thumb
    • Saves on Ammo Training Costs; Much Quicker to Master than Traditional Methods.
    • Genuine Gas Pedal® Brand; Patent Pending; 100% Made in USA

    The pricing for these ranges from $59.50 – $62.50 depending on the model of firearm you would like to apply one to. For now, Go Gun USA has them available for some SIG Sauer and Springfield Armory pistols in their Carry Gun (CG) configuration. If you know how to field strip your firearm you can easily install one of these in under a minute. The exact models that are currently available can be read below:

    • Sig P320 & M17 & X-Five
    • Springfield XD Mod.2 & XD(M) & XD 3″ Sub-Compact
    gas pedal

    Gas Pedal CG for Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 9mm Sub-Compact

    For all of our readers out there, is the “thumbs pointed forward” your preferred gospel for shooting technique? Would you be willing to add one of these to your everyday carry gun? Would your current holster be forgiving enough to still work with this mod? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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