POTD: How to Separate Your 300 Blackout Magazines from Others

    Our firearms are supposed to go Pew Pew and not Bang.

    Previously at TFB, we have discussed a number of solutions how to separate – for instance – .300 BLK magazines from the ones in .223 Rem / 5.56×45 mm.

    We’ve looked at using labeled or colored rubber bands around the magazine, using different magazines but the method in Today’s Photo Of The Day is a bit more dedicated, expensive and luxurious.

    But it is all to avoid things like this 300 Blackout in a 16″ 5,56 Barrel. Nope, it didn’t make it all the way.

    All pictures are courtesy of iKote Ltd. (Sweden). As you can see these are Magpul PMAG30 Gen3 in 7,62×35 (300 BLK) that have been Cerakoted. You can also see some other 5.56×45 PMAGs in individual colors and patterns.

    You might want to check out this 7,5″¬†AR-15 300¬†Blackout “Honey Badger”. The Honey Badger magazine would make an excellent fit.

    What do you say? Is this a good way of keeping your AR calibers separated?