POTD: Dillon Super 1050 “Camper Edition”

    The Dillon Super 1050 is the most advanced reloading machine in the Dillon Products line. It will accommodate the common cartridges from .32 ACP up through .30-06, but the one in Today’s Picture is normally set up for 9×19 mm or .38 Super Comp.

    Here you can see it in the back of a Mercedes Benz off road camper, owned by a very dedicated shooter.

    There is also a LabRadar to be able to get accurate velocity readings.

    (All pictures by the author)

    The Dillon 1050s are priced around $1,831. If you haven’t used one they are a very powerful and effective tool for reloading, almost too effective for my taste and need.

    The Mercedes Benz off road camper is a lot more, but a great Bug Out vehicle especially with a reloading station built-in.

    Personally, I use a Dillon 650 for .38 Super Open loads, but I keep it attached to my reloading bench at home.

    Do you use the LabRadar? Or which chronograph do you prefer?

    Do you reload? What kind of strange reloading benches have you seen, or is this one on the top of the list?