Light Or Laser? The Debate for Handguns

    With the advancement of technology, weapon lights and lasers have grown in popularity over the last decade. This has grown to the point where holster companies have started creating custom holsters for all kinds of light and laser attachments. Both systems have applications where they can be incredibly useful. If used properly both can help aid shooters one way or another.

    Weapon Lights

    With a number of different high-quality lights on the market, there are plenty of options to pick from.  Whether it’s Surefire, Inforce, Streamlight, any other company, there has been a spike in light attachments for weapons. Weapon lights give the user more options while carrying especially in little to no light. Having a designated weapon light mounted on your carry gun can be another useful tool for individuals. Many young shooters have decided the added benefits of a weapon light outweigh its negative aspects.

    Its been really easy to carry weapon lights on various guns with the popularity of Kydex holsters on the market today. Kydex companies can make a custom holster for a light bearing handgun within a few weeks typically. Being able to carry a tool that can give the user more information in a stressful situation can be the difference between a positive or tragic outcome. Some people argue that weapon lights can be a target if a threat sees the light and tries to shoot at the source. With proper training though, you should have momentary light and then move to ensure you’re never in the same place very long.

    Laser Attachments

    Companies like Crimson Trace and LaserMax have become very popular in the last few years offering laser sights and grips for shooters to use. These are also great options for little to no light engagements. Now for older shooters, they also offer another point of reference if the user has trouble seeing sights because of their aging eyes. I’ve shot with a number of people who use a laser attachment to help them see their point of aim. I think lasers can be very beneficial, but it’s easy to become dependent on the laser. Rather than trying to depend on the laser users should be using it in conjunction with the iron sights.

    What’s The Best Choice For You?

    At the end of the day, it’s up to your age and what works best for you. Usually, younger shooters prefer weapon lights over lasers because it’s a little more versatile in low or no light situations. Personally, I think a weapon mounted light can give the shooter way more information about a given situation than a laser. Now I will say a laser will benefit an older shooter much more than a younger shooter. Time takes its toll on a shooter’s vision and a laser can help with aiming immensely. If your eyes are starting to age and have a difficult time connecting on target, I would consider using a laser or red dot to aid. There’s nothing wrong with trying out different systems and seeing what works best for you.

    It’s never a bad idea to borrow a laser or light from a friend to try it out, so you can have some knowledge about the product before purchasing it. Everyone will have different opinions and preferences so it really boils down to personal opinion. Both systems are great, but I prefer a good flashlight to carry instead of a laser. I know there will be a few people who will be yelling at their screen to just buy a combo light laser set up. It seems great in theory but it tends to be bulky and looks busy when both are on. Stick with one system at a time and try them out before going to a system with both. Let me know in the comments below what you guys prefer and why. If you have any questions about different light or laser systems, don’t hesitate to send me a message on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there.

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