XTech Tactical Introduce ‘strongest US made’ AK magazine – the MAG47mil

    MAG47 MIL

    MAG47 MIL (Xtech Tactical)

    Xtech Tactical have announced a new version of their MAG47 AK magazine, introduced last year. They claim their new MAG47mil is ‘the strongest US Made rifle magazine ever made’ following extensive user testing.

    Made from robust polymer and featuring Stainless Steel Feed-lips the new MAG47mil has an MSRP of $34.95.

    Here’s what XTech Tactical have to say about their new mags:

    XTech Tactical, a rapidly growing firearms accessory manufacture, announces the release of two new core offerings in its AK magazine line up.

    First in the lineup is the MAG47mil “Militia Special” which is the strongest US Made rifle magazine ever made. The MAG47mil was developed in response to a consumer torture test completed at the request of XTech Tactical. The company requested that consumers compare the MAG47’s durability to the legendary Bulgarian and Russian military issued magazines.

    Not surprisingly, Spent Brass, a firearms social media channel, performed more brutal testing than the operators who had tortured the MAG47s for months prior to its release.

    The MAG47mil features: Stainless Steel Feed-lips, a solid machined steel rear lug, stainless steel spring, extremely durable polymer, easy field stripping, and is 3 922r compliant components. MSRP for the MAG47mil is $34.95 and they are now shipping!

    XTech Tactical is also extending its partnership with Gun Owners of America to donate $1 per MAG47mil sold off its website, as it currently does with it OEM47 10/30 and MAG47 10/30.

    “We are proud to share that the MAG47mil was developed as a result of our direct interaction with consumers. With the ever-rising costs of the beforementioned options, we are very excited to continue to raise the bar for US AK magazines while supporting the fight to retain our standard capacity rights”, stated Jeremy Deadman, XTECH TACTICAL’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

    The second new release from XTech Tactical is an entry level option for its AK47 magazine line up, the OEM47. The OEM47 is also Made in the USA and features the same geometry and flawless feeding as the MAG47 line without the steel reinforcements. The OEM47 is a great option for those seeking magazines for recreational use. The OEM47 MSRP is $14.95, and they are now shipping!

    Please follow XTech Tactical on Instagram, Facebook, and sign up on their website newletter for many upcoming product releases, as the company continues to grow and expand its offerings. To learn more, visit XTech Tactical at www.xtechtactical.com.

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