Sureshot Armament Group AK Handguard MK1

    Sureshot Armament Group AK Handguard MK1 (1)

    Sureshot Armament Group came up with another cool aftermarket product for AK rifles – the AK Handguard MK1. This new AK rail system is a drop-in accessory that replaces the original lower handguard and gas tube assembly. Let’s take a closer look.

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    The SAG AK Handguard MK1 consists of the mounting base system, railed gas tube, and the lower handguard/rail. The latter is available in two length options. The shorter handguard has four M-LOK slots whereas the longer one has five slots. The length is not the only difference between these two forends. The shorter one also has a room for the original AK handguard retainer and a cutout for the front sling loop. To install the longer, 5 M-LOK forend, you’ll need to remove the handguard retainer of your rifle.

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    The SAG AK Handguard MK1 is compatible with stamped receivers of AKM, AK-74, 100-series and Saiga pattern rifles. According to the Sureshot Armament Group, this rail system “gives your AK free float forend“. They also assure that “there is NO POI shift when shooting from a sandbag, rest or bipod“. In order to maintain the zero, it’s not recommended to remove the railed gas tube for cleaning. The company suggests using 20 gauge patches to clean the gas tube without removing it. Using shotgun brushes and patches for cleaning a “permanently” attached AK gas tube is indeed a really handy method that has been working perfectly for me.

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    The installation of this rail system is a pretty straightforward process not requiring use of any special tools. All you need are metric hex wrenches. Basically, you need to sandwich the chamber area of the barrel between the FSB insert and gas tube/forend base of MK1 rail, then attach the railed gas tube and lower handguard to that base. The detailed description of the installation process can be found in the user manual which you can download by clicking here.

    Sureshot Armament Group AK Handguard MK1 (1)

    1 – M-LOK Forend; 2 – Railed gas tube; 3 – Gas tube and forend base; 4 – Hardened steel RSB insert.


    Here is how this rail system looks when installed on different AK rifles:

    Sureshot Armament Group AK Handguard MK1 (9)

    The version with short forend installed on an AKM pattern rifle

    Sureshot Armament Group AK Handguard MK1 (11)

    Longer, 5 M-LOK slot version of the MK1 handguard installed on an AK-105 pattern carbine


    The Sureshot Armament Group AK Handguard MK1 is listed on the company’s website at MSRPs of $295 and $310 for the short and long forend versions respectively.

    Images by Sureshot Armament Group

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