POTD: AK From the ’70s in Bell Bottom Jeans

    AK-74 Bell Bottom Jeans (1)

    While browsing my social media feed, I came across the images of this AK-74 pattern rifle dressed in period correct bell bottom jeans. These photos were published in one of my favorite Facebook groups (AK-47) dedicated to AK rifles by Dennis Martin, the man known for making all kinds of fun gun stuff such as the scaled-up replicas of different weapons.

    AK-74 Bell Bottom Jeans (2)

    Dennis’ post had the following text:

    The 1970s gave us the AK74, and bell bottom jeans. Why not combine the two? This is the AK74 peace and love edition!

    Obviously, Dennis made the AK jeans just for fun. However, I’ve seen photos of soldiers and insurgents in different countries wrapping the furniture of their rifles in camouflage fabric. That’s probably an easy and cheap way of camouflaging your weapon. That being said, I guess the denim wrapped furniture is the ultimate DIY urban camouflage! Sound off in the comments below and tell us what do you think about the bell bottom jeans wearing AK-74.

    Many thanks to Dennis Martin for the permission of using the images. You can learn about his other cool projects by visiting his Instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/ak47shooter).