PHLster ARC Enhanced Switches for SureFire Weapon Lights

    PHLster ARC Enhanced Switches for SureFire Weapon Lights (3)

    If you have ever been looking for online instructions for making your own Kydex holsters, chances are high that you came across the YouTube videos published on the PHLster Holsters channel called Philly EDC. The main products of PHLster Holsters have been the holsters and pouches up until recently when they came up with the ARC enhanced switches for Surefire weapon lights.

    The PHLster extended ARC switches are compatible with the SureFire X300U (A/B/V), X400U (H, RD, GN), XH30, XH35, and XLV2 lights. According to the company: “The PHLser ARC for Surefire WML’s fits all popular light bearing holsters“.

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    The PHLster ACR comes as a set that includes three pairs of switches: Large size, XL size, and XL Blank. Both Large and XL have an aggressive texture designed to allow you to have a positive purchase on the switches even with gloved or wet hands. The oversized switches should also make it easier to manipulate the light when your fine motor skills are gone in a high-stress defensive situation. The XL Blank ARC switch has the same dimensions as the XL switch but lacks the texture allowing the end users to stipple or apply any other custom texture of their choice. You can also mix the Large, XL and stock SureFire switches to have a perfect combination that meets your needs.

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    The installation of ARC switches does not require any modifications to the weapon lights. Here is an instruction video showing the installation process.

    PHLster ARC switches are currently available for preorder at an MSRP of $24.99. The price is for the set of all three pairs of switches as seen in the installation video and in the below-embedded image.

    PHLster ARC Enhanced Switches for SureFire Weapon Lights (9)

    Tell us in the comments section what do you think about this new product? Is it something you always wished someone will make or do the stock switches have perfect size and texture for you?

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