FATHER’S DAY 2019: Real Gun Gifts For Real Gun Dads

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    Every December when the holiday season starts to unfold, I volunteer myself to write TFB’s 12 Days Of Christmas. Yes, it’s my favorite time of year and I enjoy giving you all gift ideas for friends and family, but a I also have a secretly selfish motive factored into the maneuver – my wife reads the series looking for presents for me. As such, it is my opportunity to play the counterintelligence game, sprinkling as many gun gifts to the rest of the world, hoping one or two make it full-circle back under our own tree. So far I’m batting a .666 average over three years.

    Much like our holiday gift guide, I wanted to provide you all with a real-world list of actual gun gifts. I could have posted up the firearm equivalent of neckties and coffee cups, but instead, I chose to think bigger. 10mm GLOCKs, Arsenal AKs, the SIG Sauer MCX – real gun gifts for real gun dads.

    It’s likely that your significant other and children aren’t normal TFB readers. Not to worry, you still have time to accidentally forward them a link to this post.

    Happy Father’s Day, dads. Thanks for reading TFB.

    FATHER’S DAY 2019: Real Gun Gifts For Real Gun Dads

    Father’s Day Gun Gifts: Brownells BRN-180™ and BRN-180S™


    The new Brownells BRN-180™ and BRN-180S™, designed in conjunction with PWS & FM Products, incorporate many of the AR-18/AR-180 improvements – including the robust and reliable gas piston operating system. Key features include:

    • BRN-180™ has 16″ barrel with matte black Nitride finish
    • BRN-180S™ has 10.5″ barrel with matte black Nitride finish
    • Ultra-reliable AR-180 piston operating system
    • Compatible with current mil-spec AR-15 lowers
    • Machined 7075 T6 aluminum receiver & handguard – hardcoat anodized finish
    • .223 Wylde chamber
    • Button rifled bore; 1-8″ twist
    • 1/2″-28 threaded muzzle
    • Replica 3-prong AR-180 flash suppressor
    • Molded polymer ejection port cover

    The BRN-180™ and 180S™ upper receivers are fully compatible with any standard, mil-spec AR-15 lower receiver. Add one to your collection today.

    Father’s Day Gun Gifts: Marlin Dark Series – .30-30 or .45-70

    A Big-Bore Marlin Lever Gun With Tactical Features

    One of the iconic rounds of the 19th century, the .45-70 Government continues to be popular with shooters of today’s classic, traditional-style rifles. However, Marlin’s bringing this old-school round into the 21st century in the form of its Dark Series Model 1895 lever-action rifle in .45-70, complete with a number of tactical-style modern features.

    • Barrel length: 16.25 inches
    • Overall length: 34.5 inches
    • Weight: 7.65 pounds
    • Magazine capacity: 5+1

    Each Marlin Dark Series features an all-black finish, complete with black-painted wood and a matte-black Parkerized metal finish. The guns are enhanced with a few cutting-edge features, like a threaded muzzle that accommodates today’s sound suppressors, as well as a big-loop lever and an XS Lever Rail complete with a ghost-ring peep sight.

    Father’s Day Gun Gifts: GLOCK 20 – 10mm

    The GLOCK 20, in 10mm Auto, provides nothing short of massive firepower especially suited for hunting. The use of Glock hi-tech polymer considerably reduces felt recoil. With muzzle energy of 550 ft/lbs, and a magazine capacity of 10 or 15 rounds, it is your reliable companion on every hunt. The G20 also provides a safe and accurate finishing shot, even when hunting big game.

    Father’s Day Gun Gifts: SIG SAUER MCX VIRTUS Pistol – .300BLK or 5.56mm


    Developed for Battle

    Developed for special use by the special operations elements of the U.S. military, the SIG Sauer MCX Virtus Pistol takes all of the innovative elements of the company’s MCX rifle design and shrinks it into a compact battle package that’s ready for anything you can throw at it.

    The SIG Sauer MCX Virtus Pistol is a semi-automatic design with a gas-actuated operating system that operates differently than those found on the AR-15 series of rifles. This allows SIG Sauer to have a rifle that fires the same caliber round while fitting into a shorter overall package. The gun comes equipped with an internal recoil system that provides easier shooting, while the company’s new Matchlite trigger provides a clean pull.

    • Barrel length: 11.5 inches
    • Overall length: 31 inches
    • Weight: 7.4 pounds
    • Chambered in 5.56 NATO

    The SIG Sauer MCX Virtus Pistol comes equipped with a folding SBX stabilizing brace and features a free-float handguard with M-LOK-compatible attachment points.

    Father’s Day Gun Gifts: Ruger MKIV 22/45 Lite

    Target-Shoot in Style and Comfort

    For those looking to practice their 1911 handling skills, Ruger’s 22/45 platform has long been a favorite for plinking and training. However, the company’s MK IV 22/45 initially launched with a tactical-style look and feel, turning away shooters looking for something a bit simpler and target-oriented. This addition to the 22/45 lineup is exactly what they’ve been missing.

    Instead of the 1911-style grips found on the original Ruger® MK IV 22/45, this model incorporates wood-laminate grips wrapping around the anodized-aluminum frame. Smooth contours and finger grooves guide a shooter’s strong hand into position, providing an easy, comfortable shooting grip for enhanced accuracy and repeatability.

    • Chambered in .22 LR
    • Barrel length: 4.4 inches
    • Weight: 1.68 pounds
    • Ships with two 10-round magazines

    Of course, each model of the Ruger® MK IV 22/45 also comes equipped with the ingenious take-down button located at the rear of the receiver. Unlike previous models of Ruger’s Mark Series of rimfire pistols, the MK IV is a breeze to maintain and clean.

    Father’s Day Gun Gifts: ARSENAL INC – SLR107 7.62X39

    Classic Kalashnikov Looks, Plenty of Convenience AND Performance Upgrades

    The Arsenal SLR-107 is a versatile modern sporting rifle that gives you the classic looks and reliability of the traditional AK-47, with some pleasant surprises under the hood. It’s built around a new-manufactured, Bulgarian-made 1mm stamped receiver mated to a Bulgarian hammer-forged, chrome-lined 16-1/4″ barrel chambered in 7.62x39mm.

    The Arsenal SLR-107 is fitted with a Warsaw Pact length reinforced polymer buttstock that folds to the left side of the receiver to make your rifle exceptionally compact for storage and transport. There’s even a trapdoor compartment in the stock for storing the included cleaning kit. The Soviet-style pistol grip and handguard are made of the same polymer, with a stainless steel heat shield in the lower half of the forend to keep your mitt cool during sessions of sustained fire.

    You can get your Arsenal SLR-107 in two configurations: SLR-107CR with a standard-length gas system OR SLR-107UR with a compact Krinkov / AKS-74U gas system that makes it ready for an SBR conversion (after submitting proper NFA paperwork and ATF approval). Other features of the SLR-107 include:

    • 24×1.5mm right-hand muzzle threads ready to accept the muzzle device of your choice
    • 4 groove, 1-9.44″ (240mm) rifling
    • 500m rear sight
    • Bayonet lug for accessories that require one
    • Accepts ANY magazine that fits standard 7.62x39mm Kalashnikov rifles
    • Comes with one 10-round mag
    • Sling, cleaning rod, cleaning kit, and an oil bottle included

    The Kalashnikov isn’t known for the refinement of its trigger, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the SLR-107’s smooth, consistent two-stage trigger (with anti-slap) that helps you take full advantage of the 500m rear sight or optic you attach to the side scope rail. You can shoot this AK a lot because its chrome-lined bore lets you use the super-cheap milsurp ammo with corrosive primers – just make sure you clean the gun pronto after every range session.

    Arsenal’s SLR-107 is constructed of 100% new-manufactured parts made in Bulgaria and the U.S., so it’s fully compliant with Title 18 USC Section 922(r) parts-source restrictions.

    Father’s Day Gun Gifts: VORTEX OPTICS – RAZOR HD GEN II-E

    Do-It-All Competition Optic for Quick, Precise Sighting Out to 600 Yards

    The Vortex 1-6×24 Razor HD Gen II-E riflescope with JM-1 BDC reticle is versatile and superbly accurate for engaging short- to medium-range targets, truly a top-tier optic for the AR-15 platform. Of course, it’s got the glass – premium indexed HD optics that deliver the edge-to-edge sharpness and stunning image quality Vortex is famous for. XR Plus anti-reflective coatings increase light transmission for amazing image brightness, too.

    Designed in collaboration with world-renowned competition shooter Jerry Miculek, the second focal plane JM-1 BDC reticle is simple, intuitive, and most importantly fast to get on target. Outfitted with a true daylight-bright illuminated center dot, the extremely versatile JM-1 BDC gives the shooter red dot sight functionality as close as 20 yards, yet can land precise distance shots out to 600 yards. Hash marks enable you to compensate for bullet drop at various yardages with standard .223/5.56 or .308/7.62 loads commonly used in AR-platform rifles.

    On the outside, the 1-6×24 Razor HD Gen II-E has streamlined, zero resettable turrets that track precisely and offer ample adjustment in a single turn. The low-profile illumination control dial on the left side of the turret housing provides 11 levels of brightness with an off position after every setting.

    • Weighs 4 oz. less than previous 1-6×24 Razor HD Gen II model!
    • 30mm tube for extra internal windage/elevation range
    • Low-profile windage and elevation turrets with non-slip knurled caps
    • 50 MOA travel per rotation in 1/2 MOA clicks,
    • Single-spring elevation adjustment turret

    The Vortex 1-6×24 Razor HD Gen II-E scope is built like a tank, and its JM-1 BDC reticle withstands heavy recoil and impact. Scope body is O-ring sealed and Argon purged for waterproof and fogproof operation in all weather. Vortex’s proprietary ultra-hard ArmorTek coating protects the exterior lenses from scratches, oil, and dirt.

    We offer the 1-6×24 Razor HD Gen II-E alone or packed in a kit with the sturdy, dependable Brownells 30mm AR-Style Rifle Cantilever Mount that clamps directly to a flattop receiver Picatinny rail. This one-piece mount provides a secure, non-slip foundation for your Razor HD that helps you take advantage of the scope’s full accuracy potential.

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