Red Dot Mounts – Why It’s Important to Buy Quality

    The red dot market is flooded with a ton of fantastic options to put on your rifle or pistol. Certain optics will have mounts built into the system like the Vortex UH-1 and Eotechs. Others will have factory bases that will mount the optic onto the gun. Typically factory red dot mounts are high quality but can be bulky and heavy depending on the manufacturer. The aftermarket community for red dots and optics has become a competitive market filled with good options that streamline mounts. There has been so much business with aftermarket optic mounts that companies have started selling optics without mounts so the user can save money and buy what they want.

    Factors of a Quality Mount

    There are a few things to consider when looking at mounts for your red dot. The whole purpose of a red dot mount is to connect the optic to the firearm. Overall lockup and being able to hold zero is key. Almost all high-quality mounts will be set up to hold a rock solid zero. Another important thing to look at when deciding on a mount is the overall weight. Factory mounts are typically well built but tend to be on the heavy side. Aimpoint, for example, makes incredibly strong optics but have very heavy mounts to ensure durability. I own a few different models from Aimpoint and love their optics but tend to swap mounts out when I can find a lighter and durable alternative.

    The last thing you’ll need to factor in when buying a mount is the price you want to spend. There are some fantastic mounts out there that improve weight and durability but are easily $200+ when going to buy one. My personal philosophy is that you buy once and cry once. I totally understand some people can’t afford to pick up such an expensive mount but some of the best mounts cost the most for a reason.

    My Personal Mounts

    Depending on what rifle you grab out of my safe, you’ll find an assortment of different mounts and optics I’ve bought over the years. They are from various companies but if they’ve last this long on my rifles it means they are worth the money. A couple of my favorite mounts right now would be the selection of Aimpoint and Trijicon mounts from Scalarworks and Anvl USA. I’ve run other mounts like American Defense MFG and like the quality and finish of their mounts as well.

    I plan on doing a write up of my Scalarwork mounts in the coming months. So far, I really like the quality and lock up system on the rifle in the last year of running both mounts. It’s important to look at each manufacturer mount and see what features you would like on your mount. There are a million different configurations available with size and weight for mounts. The best way to sort through everything is to make a list of what you’d like out of a mount and find mounts based on your needs.

    Overall Thoughts

    Finding the perfect mount for your red dot can be a challenge for sure, but if you make certain factors a priority and look based on your needs, it’ll be easier in the end. There are a few companies that make exceptional mounts in my opinion and there are a ton of different manufacturers who make amazing mounts for optics. If you plan on getting a mount, I would advise trying to get the best quality mount you can so it’ll last the life of the rifle and optic. Let me know if there are certain mounts you would like me to check out or you enjoy running. If you have questions for me feel free to contact me on my Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there.

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