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Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Given the popularity of the Ruger PC Carbine, especially in ban states where aesthetics are banned, some people have taken it upon themselves to give the people what they want. Ever since the Ruger PCC came out, fans have been clamoring for Magpul to make a takedown stock similar to their X-22 Backpacker stock. I too have been wanting something similar but actually, I would settle for a chassis that used the Magpul SGA stock and CROM USA has answered that need.

CROM USA or Condition Red Ordnance Manufacturing is based out of Folsom, CA. Seeing as they are behind the Liberal Curtain of California, I can understand why they went with a Magpul SGA stock setup vs a pistol grip design like Copper Custom’s design.

Looking at the top photo you can see some interesting details. The CROM USA Ruger PCC Chassis has a much-needed feature that is an extended mag release. According to their post on Facebook, they are already tweaking the design for Chassis version 2.0.

The free float looking handguard appears to have MLOK slots at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. The most apparent feature, other than the use of the Magpul SGA stock, is the height of the top rail. They added a riser to the receiver to match the taller top rail of the handguard. I am not sure why they opted for such a tall rail. However, by using the Magpul SGA stock you have the option to use Magpul’s Hunter/SGA cheek risers. They make low and high cheek riser kits for only $15.95 per kit. So if you use a set of MBUS and a riser on your red dot, you could use a cheek riser to compensate for the added height. However, we won’t know until someone reviews the chassis and gets it in hand. While the height over bore may seem a little off aesthetically, this might be beneficial. This would allow for your head position to be more erect rather than lowering your head into position of the factory stock setup. Timothy Ubl of Taccom, commented on their Facebook post that the handguard and chassis will most likely be offered independently.

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I have reached out to CROM USA since they are local to me and will get to check out the CROM USA Ruger PCC chassis prototype in person very soon. Stay tuned for some exclusive content in the near future.

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Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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