POTD: Trump 45 Vol. II

    AF2011 Trump .45

    It’s not the first time that we see a 1911 dedicated to US President Donald Trump, a connection which is made fairly obvious by the fact that we are talking about the 45th President.

    Again indeed we see here a .45 ACP 1911 carrying a direct reference to the 45th POTUS. However, there’s a catch: the photos here come from the website of Arsenal Firearms Italia (Archon Firearms in the USA) and they actually show an AF2011 model.

    This photo clarifies what we are really looking at:


    There’s no info on Arsenal Firearms website on who commissioned the pistol, maybe a supporter of Mr. Trump hoping that 2 barrels will translate into two terms, maybe somebody who shares his tastes and his tendency towards minimalism and sobriety of design. We can see references to Mount Rushmore, NY City, the White House, the bald eagle and the II Amendment, for good measure.

    Quite an over the top piece, both mechanically and cosmetically, but somehow it visually works, maybe because all of that metal real estate needs to be filled. The same page on the Arsenal Firearms Italia website offers other custom designs which may fit a broader range of tastes, if not pockets.

    So, if you were the President, would you prefer to see your face/name on this one or on the Cabot one? As usual, let’s remember we’re not here to discuss politics.