Top 3 Places to SELL your Range Brass for CASH or AMMUNITION

    range brass

    If you have ever been at a gun range and saw oodles of range brass just laying on the ground and your entrepreneurial spirit told you that all of this loose brass has to be worth something, you are absolutely right. Sometimes you can peddle your range brass on your reloading friends for lunch or a few beers, but what if you have buckets and barrels of the stuff? Well, there are outlets for you to turn to to convert all of that range brass into some serious coin. Here are the Top 3 Places to Sell your Range Brass!

    #1 – Capital Cartridge: cash for brass program

    There are a lot of credit programs out there, but this is one of the few ones that will give you “straight cash, money homie” (Randy Moss quote for our Minnesota readers out there). The program is fairly simple and Capital Cartridge outlines it like this:

    1. Answer One Question: How much does your brass weigh?
    2. Box up your Brass: Package it along with a printout of the easy to use online order form and the prepaid label we will provide for you with your complete order.
    3. Cash your Check: We are paying $1.40 per pound and we will mail a check to you within 15 days after we receive, inspect and weigh your Brass.

    The market price of brass can fluctuate just like gold or silver, but at the time of this article most places were paying out at a rate of $1.40 per pound. The neat thing about Capital Cartridge‘s program is that they pay cash in the form of a check mailed back to you, but they can also provide a shipping label. If you package your range brass in a U.S.P.S Flat Rate Box and walk through their program on their website, they can provide a label and deduct the cost of the label from the total amount paid out to you. This can save you a trip to a shipping center, but if you prefer to use a different courier you can use your own packaging and pay for your own label out of pocket. For the fine print and the complete rules and details, please visit the Capital Cartridge website.

    #2 – 2A Warehouse: range brass credit program

    Another great outlet to dispose of your unwanted range brass is 2A Warehouse. They offer a pretty simple Brass Credit Program where you can mail in your range brass and receive a credit for anything on their website. They have magazines, barrels, ammunition, and all kinds of things for a gun lover to spend money on so it would be pretty easy to find something you like. Their program looks something like this:

    1. Create an Account
    2. Collect all of your Spent Casings. No need to sort by caliber or clean ahead of time.
    3. Place casings in a plastic bag and in a U.S.P.S. Large Flat Rate box (75 Lbs. Maximum per box). Boxes can be delivered to your residence free-of-charge by your local postal courier.
    4. Print and Fill out Brass Credit Form.
    5. Place completed Form in every box you intend to Mail. Sufficiently seal and tape all edges of box/boxes.
    6. Bring your Box to U.S.P.S. or whichever shipping courier you have chosen.
    7. Ship to: 2A Warehouse – BC, 9702 Wallisville RD, Suite B, Houston, TX 77013
    8. Store credit is given to your 2A Warehouse account based on the weight of your brass and the current market value of brass per pound at the time.
    9. Spend your store/website credit on anything on the 2A Warehouse website!

    Don’t let that spent brass go to waste! We’re giving you money for your brass cases. Whether you have 10 Lbs. of range brass or you’re a range with 10,000 Lbs. of brass – we want it!

    For indoor or outdoor ranges who do not want to sort, clean, and re-sell all of the bulk range brass left behind at their facilities daily, this could be a great outlet for them to convert that range brass into other valuable inventory. For the complete details and specific rules outlining the program, please visit the 2A Warehouse website.

    #3 – X-Treme Bullets: range brass credit program

    The X-Treme Bullets Brass Credit Program makes it 3rd on our list because they are a lot more specific in the spent casings you can send in, you can only use your credit to ammo on their website according to their rules (nothing else), and unfortunately at the time of writing, they have suspended their program until further notice.

    Currently not accepting brass shipments – Any brass credit packages that are shipped after 5/22/2018 will not be accepted and returned to sender.

    This is a company I have used personally in the past with good success in buying reloading bullets, but unfortunately, you can only apply your credit towards ammunition now and they have suspended their Brass Credit Program without any explanation. Perhaps they have too much? A complete uneducated guess on my part, but hopefully they get their Brass Credit Program up and running again soon. Here are the rules for their program:

    1. Web store credit only provided for calibers manufactured under the X-Treme Bullets brand (we accept any manufacturer’s brass in these calibers)
    2. No corroded or dented brass accepted
    3. What’s not accepted: Steel or Aluminum components, 22’s, or Shot Shells.
    4. Sorting is not needed (mixed calibers are ok – our machines will do the sorting)
    5. Bag brass inside of the shipping box
    6. Include a completed Customer Credit form in each shipper box
    7. Send in shipping boxes only (Use extra tape – especially at corners and seams.) We recommend you ship via a traceable method as we are not responsible for packages lost or damaged in transit.
    8. Credit will be applied as a web store credit to your account as the brass is received and processed.
    9. The credit must be applied to your account prior to placing your order. When you place your order, you must mark the check box to apply store credit.
    10. Can only be used for purchase of X-Treme Bullets branded ammo.
    11. Brass we accept: 9mm, 10mm, 380, 38 Special, 40, 45, 45 LC, 223, 5.56, 308, 357, 300 BO, 50 Cal, 50 BMG and down, nickel plated brass cases

    Something that is important to keep in mind is to never send any of the companies mentioned, or ones that engage in similar range brass buy-back, any live ammunition, primers, steel cases, aluminum cases, shotgun hulls (unless specified), or rounds that have failed-to-fire. They are providing a service of buying and re-selling spent, serviceable casings. They are not refuse companies for all of our rejected garbage.

    Are there any other companies out there offering similar or better programs that you are aware of? Have you had any prior experiences with 2A Warehouse, Capital Cartridge, or X-Treme Bullets yourself? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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