POTD: Kalashnikov SVCh-308 Designated Marksman Rifle

    Today’s Photos brings us to Russia and Patriot Park outside Moscow. Last year, The Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the center to experience the latest developments of the Russian Concern Kalashnikov.

    The Patriot Park can best be described as a Disney Land for people who enjoy reading this blog on a regular basis, except everything is not open to the public like with TFB.

    The SVCh-308 is a semi-automatic designated marksman rifle, and the Russian head of state fired several shots at the target.

    Visiting the Kalashnikov Concern shooting center at Patriot military-patriotic park. Outside, the shoot-off for the IPSC Rifle World Shoot was held a few years ago. The shooting and demo center is top class.

    Note the Schmidt & Bender with a side-mounted red dot. I think this is the 5-20×56 PMII Short Dot model, which is perfect for AR-sized firearms.

    Left hand charged.

    Lasered-up and sound suppressed.

    From the YouTube clip below:

    Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Kalashnikov Concern’s shooting range and tested the company’s brand new sniper rifle in Kubinka on Wednesday. After inspecting the experimental samples of the rifles, Putin shot five times with an SVCh-308 (Chukavin sniper’s rifle) rifle at a target from a distance of 600 meters. Three of the president’s shots successfully hit the target. According to Kalashnikov, the SVCh-308 rifle is designed to engage the enemy’s manpower at small and medium distances. It can be used in conditions of combined arms combat as well as for keeping a cover. The rifle’s small dimensions allow the shooter to do without additional weapons, which increases mobility.

    These pictures were sourced from Kalashnikov Media.