Rimfire Varmint Medicine – New CCI VNT .17 Mach 2 & .22 WMR


    As we start heading into the months of summer and more of us crawl out from our shooting dormancy, we will be looking to polish our former shooting skills. A lot of us join leagues at our local gun club, line up range days with friends, or turn to varmint hunting to serve the dual purpose of eliminating pesky varmints and honing our shooting prowess. This is where a truly explosive round like the CCI VNT can come in handy! CCI has debuted 2 new cartridges in which their impactful VNT tip will be topping off – .17 Mach 2 and .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR).

    • .17 Mach 2 | 17 Grain Speer VNT Tip | 2,010 FPS | 948CC | MSRP $10.95
    • .22 WMR | 30 Grain Speer VNT Tip | 2,200 FPS | 969CC | MSRP $15.95

    These will come in standard 50 count boxes and should be available soon from the Idaho ammunition manufacturer. Specifically, the .17 Mach 2 round is not produced by many companies so that should get people excited who own that older, less common cartridge. Some of the specifications for these new VNT Tipped round can be read below as presented by CCI:

    • Speer VNT Bullet Design
    • Very Thin Jacket combined w/ Precision-Built Polymer Tip
    • Devastating Terminal Effect on Varmints
    • Flat Shooting & Highly Accurate to Maximize Effective Range
    • Consistent CCI Priming
    • Nickel-Plated Cases

    In 2018, CCI extended the range and devastation of magnum rimfire with the VNT bullet design. Now, it’s offering VNT loads in 17 Mach 2 and 22 WMR. The new loads feature a Speer bullet with an extremely thin jacket and polymer tip that team up to offer flat trajectories, superb long-range accuracy and explosive terminal performance on impact.

    Are any of our readers out there .17 Mach 2 fans, or big shooters in .22 WMR? What is typically your go-to round when you are headed to the range or wanting to go varmint hunting? Would you dive in and buy these new CCI rounds? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.


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