NEW Tyrant Designs SIG Sauer P365 T-Comp for LESS Recoil

    p365 t-comp

    Tyrant Designs is back at it again by bringing us another iteration of their truly unique muzzle brake that requires no set screws. They now have a P365 T-Comp available for SIG owners who want to lessen the recoil and muzzle rise while shooting. We at TFB actually had the opportunity to test and evaluate one of their T-Comp muzzle devices previously on a Glock pistol and were quite impressed. For those who own the wildly popular P365, this T-Comp could be a valuable addition to their range day fun.

    • Works on standard  ½-28 threaded barrels
    • All P365 configurations compatible
    • Functions with most grain ammo
    • Fits most open ended holsters
    • Installs using supplied 16mm wrench

    These new P365 T-Comp muzzle devices are not available quite yet but will begin shipping out on June 7th with an MSRP of $79.95 per unit. There are currently three different paired finishes that you can get depending on what might match your pistol the best (if there are other aftermarket pieces or whatever trips your trigger). The MSRP for all three remains the same regardless of your choice.

    • Black/Nickel
    • Black/Gold
    • Black/Black
    p365 t-comp

    Tyrant Designs SIG Sauer P365 T-Comp in a Black & Gold paired Finish – MSRP $79.95

    This muzzle brake is well-thought out in regards to its geometry and ability to mitigate recoil and muzzle rise, but that is not the secret sauce of the P365 T-Comp. The unique selling point of this muzzle device versus competing ones is how it so simply attaches to your pistol. Tyrant Designs goes on to better explain all of this in their Press Release statement below:

    The Tyrant Designs CNC Sig Sauer P365 Compensator, known as the P365 T-Comp, dramatically reduces muzzle rise and sensed recoil, allowing much quicker target re-acquisition. Compatible with ½-28 threaded barrels our compensator requires no modification to your Sig P365, and once assembled fits most open ended holsters. The T-Comp works on all Sig P365 configurations and will function using almost any grain ammunition.

    The real enginuity is in how the T-Comp is installed. Utilizing a two piece design our Sig comp installs securely in seconds WITHOUT the need for set screws or any other faulty attachment methods. Working on a concept focused on uncompromised innovation allowed considerable engineering freedom in developing significant solutions. Once attached, the Tyrant Compensator will not come loose while operating your firearm, or while holstering/unholstering it. Whether you are a range day goer or competitive shooter we are confident our Sig Sauer compensator not only outperforms the competition but sets a new standard for compensator innovation.

    For those in our reading audience who happen to own a SIG Sauer P365, what do you think? Is this an accessory item that you would be willing to attach to your range/carry pistol? Let us know all of your thought in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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