POTD: NAVY SEALs with Kalashnikovs

Eric B
by Eric B

Know your enemy and your enemy’s weapon systems. This is the topic for Today’s Pictures, as the NAVY SEALs show off using Kalashnikovs in a very, very wet environment.

Above, notice the water running out of the barrel and the magazine, and down the frogman’s beard.

Considering how aggressive some of the ammunition I’ve used in my 7,62x39mm is, I’m not sure if the barrel would be killed by the salty water or the corrosive ammunition first, if I was swimming around like this?

It is unlikely that these AKs were found from a boating accident, but who knows? The SEALs can dive deep so be aware.

From the NAVY.

The Navy’s Sea, Air and Land Forces – commonly known as SEALs – are expertly trained to deliver highly specialized, intensely challenging warfare capabilities that are beyond the means of standard military forces.

Their missions include: direct action warfare; special reconnaissance; counterterrorism; and foreign internal defense.

When there’s nowhere else to turn, Navy SEALs achieve the impossible through critical thinking, sheer willpower and absolute dedication to their training, their missions and their fellow Special Operations team members.

Another wave of Kalashnikovs.

These pictures were taken from the NAVY SEALs’ photo collection, where you can also find high-resolution copies as public domain.

Eric B
Eric B

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