Brown Bear 7.62x39mm SUBSONIC Ammunition Now Available

    Brown Bear 7.62x39mm SUBSONIC Ammunition Now Available (1)

    K-VAR Corp. has announced that the new Brown Bear 7.62x39mm Subsonic ammunition is now available in the US. As in the case of other Brown Bear branded ammunition, the new subsonic 7.62x39mm ammo is also made in Russia by the Barnaul Cartridge Plant. Their plans to introduce these subsonic loads to the US market were announced at SHOT Show 2019.

    Brown Bear 7.62x39mm SUBSONIC Ammunition Now Available (2)

    The 7.62x39mm Subsonic ammunition data as seen on Barnaul Cartridge Plant’s website

    The new Brown Bear 7.62x39mm subsonic cartridges are loaded with 196-grain FMJ bullets. According to K-VAR, this ammo does cycle the action of the AK-style rifles both suppressed and unsuppressed. Developing a subsonic load is not too hard of a task, however, what makes this Brown Bear ammo cool is that it cycles the action of AK rifles.

    Brown Bear 7.62x39mm SUBSONIC Ammunition Now Available (1)

    The photo of the unfolded box of Brown Bear 7.62x39mm subsonic ammunition found on K-VAR Corp’s website

    Below you can find the K-VAR’s announcement video:

    The current price of Brown Bear 7.62x39mm Subsonic ammo on K-VAR Corp’s website is $14.99 for a box of 20.

    Currently, there are several 7.62x39mm subsonic load offerings on the market such as the 220-grain “Ghost” and “Jackhammer” loads by Engel Ballistic Research, the 220-grain Atomic Ammunition 7.62×39 Tactical Cycling Subsonic,140 and 200 grain Allegiance Ammunition SilentStrike ammo, and at least a couple of other loads sold by Detroit Ammo Co and manufactured by Rush Creek Ammunition and On Target Ammunition. I suspect some of these companies may be affected by the entry of the larger player. On the other hand, many of them, such as the EBR, offer hunting ammo loaded with expanding bullets (as opposed to Brown Bear’s FMJs) and should retain their position in the market.

    If you have experience of shooting AKs with subsonic ammunition, tell us in the comments section what do you think about this new product?

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