Unfortunately, a lot of the firearms we show as Picture Of The Day are unobtainable for a variety of reasons, so it’s always satisfying to find great pictures and be able to say to yourself “I own that“.

    I bought my first B&T from Switzerland many years ago. It was an APC9 and I then bought another one. My second one came with the shorter barrel, the same as pictured here.

    Why two? Because I was very happy with the first one, and because I could. No regrets, but I shoot the longer more often.

    I have since added a B&T Pro lower just to be able to answer the question “does it take Glock magazines?” with a “Yes it does!” Unfortunately, the old APC9s aren’t directly compatible with the Pro lowers, so you need to take some material off the bolt carrier.

    The fact that the US Army selected the same B&T, or at least a very similar version, as their new Sub Compact Weapon is quite nice as well.

    Notice that the end of the barrels comes with a 3 lug, to be able to add a sound suppressor quickly.

    As you can see in this link, the B&T APC9 family is quite a large one, with a lot of different versions available.

    Below is a sticker that B&T made a few years ago.


    B&T Switzerland can be found here.


    Which one in the picture would you rather have? All three?