NEW: MDT Adjustable Core Competition Chassis For The CZ 455

    Adjustable Core Competition Chassis

    You’re probably tired of hearing me say this, but suppressed rimfire is life. And to spread the icing on that cake, suppressed precision rimfire is heaven. Between my modest arsenal of pistol caliber carbines and AR15s, nothing brings me more joy than quietly shooting quarter-sized targets in the backyard with a .22lr rifle. MDT has just announced an addition to their Adjustable Core Competition Chassis (ACC) for the CZ 455. At an MSRP OF $999, the chassis isn’t inexpensive. However, if you are looking to squeeze every bit of performance out of your rimfire CZ, a quality platform is key.  Details below.

    NEW: MDT Adjustable Core Competition Chassis For CZ 455

    MDT announces a new CZ 455 inlet option for their Adjustable Core Competition Chassis (ACC). “The ACC is the most advanced competition chassis in the MDT line up,” says Matt Hornback, Public Relations Manager, “it was a logical next step to make it available for the popular CZ 455 rimfire.”

    The ACC CZ 455 option was designed for use as a primary rifle for competing in precision rimfire matches to provide competitors more accessory options and greater control over weight and balance adjustability. The ACC CZ 455 also allows a shooter to set up a precision rimfire trainer that mimics the ergonomics of their ACC centerfire rifle. The ability to mimic the weight and feel of a centerfire rifle greatly increases training potential with rimfire calibers.

    The MDT ACC was developed with input from Team MDT competitive shooters and other precision shooters from around the world. The result is the ACC’s superior ergonomics and features as well as the fully customizable steel weight system. The weight system is integrated in the buttstock, barrel channel and forend; allowing over 9 additional pounds to be added to the rifle chassis assembly. This added weight allows the shooter to perfectly balance their rifle for shooting in a variety of different scenarios.

    The ACC comes complete with a Skeleton Rifle Stock with a 13.375″-14.375″ length of pull. The Skeleton Rifle Stock also has a steel butt pad plate for added weight and has a dedicated space to add even more weight to the stock if desired.  The ACC Chassis features a full Arca rail the entire length of the 17.75” forend and can accept a traditional pistol grip or the new MDT adjustable vertical grip.

    The MDT ACC starts at $999 (including buttstock) and is available now available at


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