There are not enough pictures of the NAVY SEALs here at TFB, but today we try to improve with some astonishing pictures of the SEALs in an unusual environment.

    In case you didn’t know, the abbreviation stands for SEa, Air and Land.

    Some of these pictures give the impression that they are computer generated, almost like they were from one of the computer games based on Tom Clancy‘s books and characters.


    Computer game, fiction or reality?

    Below: FN SCAR 17 in winter shroud.

    That’s a lot of scope on an FN SCAR 17.

    Light Machine Gun, Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) – Fabrique Nationale FN Minimi and as much ammunition as you can uncomfortably carry.


    You can find the NAVY SEAL + SWCC homepage here, where you can learn what it takes to become one.

    Hint: Apart from running, doing push-ups, curls, etc., you should like to swim a lot. Check the general requirements here.

    And the haircut is a 1/8″ length hair cut.

    If you want you can download these – and more – pictures in high-resolution at the NAVY SEALs’ photo section.