SILENCER SATURDAY #74: TFB Staff Quiet Combo Favorites

    Quiet Combo Favorites

    Good evening everyone and thanks for joining us for yet another, albeit late, Silencer Saturday. Hopefully you all are getting a chance to spend some time with family and friends this Memorial Day weekend, maybe out on the range for some suppressed fun. In today’s edition we are taking a look at some of the TFB Staff’s quiet combo favorites. Rather than hear my top choices for the 74th time, I thought we should ask the guys who keep TFB running for their best host/silencer setups.

    But before we begin, a few updates. The Yankee Hill Machine Turbo K arrived for review two days ago. I’m a big fan of K-sized cans and all the reviews so far have been very positive. Hopefully I’ll be able to get you some initial impressions on the Turbo K next week. Other projects in process: the new CCI Clean .22 testing for accuracy, sound and of course, debris and residue leftovers. 

    In case you missed it, yesterday we got an industry update from the American Suppressor Association along with some ATF’s NFA Division and the processing of Form 4’s and Form 1’s. I’d like to have better news for you all on the approval timelines, but rather than being overly optimistic, I think we will just have to adopt a wait-and-see approach.

    Have a great week. Be safe. And thanks for reading.

    SILENCER SATURDAY #74: TFB Staff Quiet Combo Favorites

    My quiet combo favorites starts off with a pistol caliber carbine – the B&T APC9 using the large volume TP9 suppressor and the B&T three lug adapter. It’s light, compact and the recoil is smooth as silk. Mine is seen here with the new APC9-G GLOCK lower that, obviously, accepts GLOCK magazines (review pending).

    Eric B. also said the APC9 is his favorite gun to suppress, although he didn’t mention which silencer he prefers (I’m assuming it’s a B&T).

    Adam S.

    Browning 1911-22 & Gemtech GM-22. I only own 3 silencers to pick from, but this is definitely my favorite combo.

    Nick C.

    • Pistol: FNX 45 Tactical and Osprey 45.
    • Semi Auto Rifle: Larue SURG. Zero gas to the face. It is like magic.
    • Manually Operated Rifle: Ruger Precision Rimfire and Specter II
    • Pistol caliber carbine: suppressed MP5K Briefcase (title image).

    Richard L.

    KAC SR15 11.5 CQB with Surefire 5.56 RC2. Not the quietest setup, but super smooth to shoot. (Not available for photos on short notice. HK/Gemtech is standing in for today).

    Rusty S.

    The Tikka T3 Lite and Gemtech Sandstorm, because they quietly put meat in my freezer.

    Doc Rader  – Editor In Chief Emeritus

    SIG Sauer Rattler/Q Trash Panda. Nothing else is close.

    Matt E. also prefers the SIG Rattler, but his is topped off with the SRD762

    i happen to agree. For me, 300BLK either means the Rattler and SRD762QD-Ti or the Honey Banger with a Q Thunderchicken.

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