World Record Gel Penetration Test – 7.62×51 DCC X2

    World Record Gel Penetration Test

    Although the results are noted as unofficial, DSG Inc and Edwin Sarkissian have just posted a video of what they are calling a World Record Gel Penetration Test. Using DSG’s specially designed bullets that are designed to supercavitate, the below video shows a 7.62×51 projectile passing through 13 feet of clear ballistic gel before hitting a watermelon. As a comparison, a “standard” round was fired into the gel demonstrating a devastating temporary cavity.

    The video, images, and links can be found below.

    All photos credited to Edwin Sarkissian

    World Record Gel Penetration Test – 7.62×51 DCC X2

    Published on May 22, 2019 – Edwin Sarkissian

    DSG asked us to be first channel to post their world record gel penetration results. there will be more to come soon. World record Ballistic Gel Penetration

    Supercavitation is the use of cavitation effects to create a bubble of gas or vapor large enough to encompass an object travelling through a liquid, greatly reducing the skin friction drag on the object and enabling high speeds. Current applications are mainly limited to projectiles or fast supercavitating torpedoes.

    In water, cavitation occurs when water pressure is lowered below the water’s vapour pressure, forming bubbles of vapour.

    A supercavitating object is a high speed submerged object that is designed to initiate a cavitation bubble at the nose which (either naturally or augmented with internally generated gas) extends past the aft end of the object, substantially reducing the skin friction drag that would be present if the sides of the object were in contact with the liquid in which the object is submerged.

    This projectile was designed to have extreme penetrating capabilities.

    During development, it was proven extremely capable in penetrating a wide range of materials, in fact so effective that we named it: XMP™ – Xtreme Material Penetration™. A known issue with other armor-piercing ammunition, in general, is the use of carbides, making it less effective for taking out targets that are protected behind multiple layers of materials.

    7.62 XMP™ are, as most of the projectiles from DSG Technology, extremely heavy. With the use of traditional calculation, bullets with this weight will not fly stably in barrels with “normal” twist.

    Our engineering team had to discard all existing “rules” and look to nature in order to make the impossible possible. After more than 20 years of experiments, DSG Technology now possesses know-how and methods to have .30 projectiles weighing in at 20-gram stable in a 1:10 twist barrel.


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