Catching the muzzle flash from a Machine Gun is always a welcome bonus as a photographer, and for today’s pictures, we have a few.

    The pictures are from the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia (eFP).

    The eFP Battlegroup in Latvia describe themselves as a multinational NATO coalition in the Baltic states and Poland to deter aggression and promote peace.

    Below: That’s not a flashlight! Luckily they are using blanks.

    A Heckler & Koch G36. Looks like the switch is in full-auto.

    Heckler & Koch G3. This rifle could possibly come from a donation from Sweden.

    These pictures are from a recent multinational exercise where 17 different countries participated.

    Below: Possibly soldiers from the United Kingdom.

    Take a look at these pictures from Aizkraukle, where Slovakian and Latvian soldiers from eFP BG Latvia are conducting urban operations training. Rigorous training to enforce the readiness of our soldiers.

    Below: This is possibly a soldier from Estonia, and an IMI Galil.

    The multinational exercise called Spring Storm was pretty large. 9,000 people trained together.