PepperBall Introduces New TCP Non-Lethal Launcher for Consumers

    PepperBall has announced the launch of the Tactical Compact Pistol (TCP) on the consumer market. The TCP is a compact version of their pepper ball launching pistol. The TCP has a six round magazine and can be powered by either nitrogen or CO2.


    The TCP with its 6 ball magazine (PepperBall)

    When we last heard from PepperBall they had just won a substantial contract to equip the US Army with their non-lethal Variable Kinetic System launcher. The contract worth $650,000 was announced back in June 2018 and we got a look at the system at SHOT 2019. Commercially they also have the Lifelite a non-lethal personal defense weapon available to civilians.

    Pepperball®, a division of United Tactical Systems, LLC and a world leader in non-lethal products is now offering their TCP, the first-ever mini-pistol sized launcher, to consumers for personal protection.

    The new PepperBall TCP is 7.5 inches in length, weighs approximately 21 ounces, and holds a 6-round magazine. It is designed to be a versatile option for personal defense situations and law enforcement or military tactical applications.

    The non-lethal launcher is capable of firing the standard PepperBall round or VXR projectiles. The round projectiles are accurate out to 60 feet, and the extended-range VXR projectiles can be used for direct impact out to 150 feet. The TCP™ can be used for even longer ranges when deploying PepperBall’s to saturate an area with PAVA powder.

    The launcher uses either CO2 or nitrogen as a power source allowing it to function even in extremely cold weather conditions.

    PepperBall have put together a promo video explaining the TCP’s features and uses:

    The TCP will be available from 17 May and has an MSRP of $399.99. The TCP consumer kit includes one launcher, two universal six round magazines that feed both round or the VXR projectiles. It also includes a hard case. Find out more at PepperBall’s site, here.

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