PistonPal And Streamlight Plates From Warren Innovative Technologies


    Amidst all the high-caliber new releases and blockbuster product launches are the smaller, often times one and two person companies that dedicate their skills to innovating seemingly insignificant parts, accessories and tools that make our lives easier. Warren Innovative Technologies is one of those companies. 3D printing parts from ABS plastic, the company is pushing out new additions to their lineup at a breakneck pace. Their most recent releases, the PistonPal and a Streamlight attachment plate, are focused on making suppressor and weapon light user’s experience brighter and a bit more organized.

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    So, the Streamlight TLR-7 and TLR-8 don’t have rail keys that work with the P2000SK. Guess who designed one and is having them 3D printed on a very expensive machine?

    Will be offering them on the website pretty soon. PM me for details.

    By customer request from Warren Innovative Technologies, LLC!

    PistonPal allows you to organize and keep your spare .75″ diameter suppressor pistons together in one place. Made of high-impact ABS polymer, it’s designed to hold firmly yet allow easy insertion and removal. Fixed barrel spacers can also be stored by sliding them over the pistons prior to insertion. Additional holes on each side allow the attachment of split rings or parachute cord.

    Price is $35 shipped. See our complete line of tools at suppressortools.com.

    Pictured above is the latest Warren Innovative Technologies, LLC suppressor tool product line and the all-new PistonPal (see description below). We are also now an authorized reseller for the Energetic Armament VOX BLOX™ Vise Soft Jaws (bottom picture above) for holding your suppressor securely while performing maintenance using our tools. There are multiple sizes for different suppressor models. See below for more information.

    Suppressor Tools http://suppressortools.com

    Two-Ended and Super Wrenches (12 – 19) are $50 for the first one and $25 for any additional Wrench, Three-Lug Socket or PistonPal.

    One-Ended Wrenches (1 – 9) are $35 for the first one and $25 for any additional One-Ended Wrench or PistonPal.

    Three-Lug Sockets (10, 11): $25 shipped.

    All tools are 3D printed from high-strength ABS polymer and are guaranteed against breakage. If you break it, we’ll replace it.

    Ordering information: [email protected]


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