The New Machine Pistol From Turkey, The TOKAT 571 9mm PDW

    Bihemta's Tokat 571 pistol

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    A new machine pistol, the Tokat 571, has emerged from the IDEF (International Defense Industry Fair) in Turkey.  TFB reader, Stimpy75, sent us pictures and information from the IDEF 2019 fair, which included this new personal defense weapon.  The Tokat 571’s most noticeable features include a non-reciprocating slide cover and extendable stock.

    Bihemta Tokat 571 pistol

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    The concept of covering part of the pistol’s slide is not a brand new one, but the Tokat 571 is still among the first handful.  The B&T USW comes to mind when discussing pistols of this class.  A promotional flier for the Tokat 571, from, states that the Tokat is a “slap” to the foreign blockade against Turkey’s defense industry.  I asked my friend Emrah if he would translate the flier and he was happy to help.  Below is his translation:


    From Trabzon another slap to foreign blockade of our national defense industry.
    (SLAP in Turkish is; TOKAT. Trabzon is the city where company located)

    Fully Automated, Self-Loading, Slide-less Pistol System (Tam Otomatik Kendinden Kurmali Askisiz Tabanca; TOKAT) is a 100 % domestic designed and new age, innovative weapon system. Which will replace all firearms (pistol, rifle, etc.) using traditional firing mechanism.

    Today all firearms use similar firing mechanism even they belong to different categories. Until now many different firing mechanisms have been designed, fabricated and tried, but never fulfill the expectations and surpass the classic firing mechanisms.

    As our country’s goal to be in the league of nations which participate in science and technology. With TOKAT firearm system we are happy to share this accomplishment.

    Brand-new firing mechanism and firearm which this mechanism implemented have been achieved after 7 years of research and development in Trabzon by BIHEMTA. Today TOKAT System with its unique capability is the domestic answer to our country’s needs beyond 5th generation pistols.

    TOKAT 571 Prototype will be exhibit at IDEF 2019 (International Defense Industry Fair). This prototype manufactured with cooperation with MERTSAV SS. As we developed and tested this system, we still expect all official institutions further test, research and development aid, assistance.

    Bihemta's Tokat 571 pistol

    Bihemta’s Tokat 571 pistol at IDEF 2019. Image from Stimpy75.

    The pistol seems to be well thought out.  Not every image show a front sight installed, however,  those that do appear to utilize the center notch of the picatinny rail as a rear sight.  However, the Tokat is designed for running red dot sights.  Stimpy75 said he’d talked to a representative that explained the pistol is ready to fire when the stock is extended.  That could mean that there is a charging and cocking mechanism that is built into the stock system for personnel that are required to carry on an empty chamber.

    Emrah was also able to find an extra picture that shows some of the specifications.  This is most likely the only photo available for the time being since every version I’ve seen has rather fuzzy text.  There are very few photos of the Tokat in general at this time.

    Bihemta Tokat 571 specs

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    What do you think about Bihemta’s Tokat 571 machine pistol?  Have you held a pistol that shares this overall concept?

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