Strike Industries Scorpion Universal Reflex Mount for GLOCK Pistols (G-SURF)

    Strike Industries Scorpion Universal Reflex Mount for GLOCK Pistols (G-SURF) (1)

    Strike Industries has released another cool new product – the Scorpion Universal Reflex Mount for Glock pistols or the G-SURF. This is a drop-in red dot mounting solution for your Glock that can be installed on a standard Glock pistol without any modifications to the slide whatsoever.

    Strike Industries Scorpion Universal Reflex Mount for GLOCK Pistols (G-SURF) (2)

    Here is how the company describes this new product:

    Strike Industries is proud to introduce a revolutionary new product. The Universal Reflex Mount for GLOCK™. It has one of the lowest  bore axises in the industry without the hassle and cost of cutting your slide! We have put many hours and 1000’s of rounds down range with most of the more popular red dot optics on the market with no problems what so ever! This includes the Burris FastFire II & III, Leupold DeltaPoint reflex sights, Docters II & III, EoTech MRDS, Trijicon RMR and many others. The mount itself is secured to the slide via the dovetail with 6 set screws.

    They also mention that “Leupold DeltaPoint can be mounted but not with reinforced posts to secure 100%“. The G-SURF mount also features a provision to install a side charging handle (as shown in the below-embedded image) on its left or right side.

    Strike Industries Scorpion Universal Reflex Mount for GLOCK Pistols (G-SURF) (11)

    Below you can find the list of features of this product quoted from the company’s website.


    – Universal optics mount for most proliferated sites in the field
    – Super low-profile
    – Ability to use an optic without cutting your slide.
    – Sleek solid steel construction
    – Raised dovetail cut in front of optic made for oem glock rear sights
    – Cowitness with extra tall 12.70 mm Front Suppressor Sights
    – Able to mount on rear dovetail of Glock Slide
    – Non-permanent solution for slide-mounted optics.
    – Optional Charging Handle ( Removable for Ambidextrous Use )

    The Strike Industries G-SURF is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $54.95. The G-SURF is compatible with Glock pistols of 17 to 39 models with the exception of Gen5 Glocks. To avoid damaging the finish on your firearm and to ensure proper installation, Strike Industries suggests have a gunsmith install the G-SURF.

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